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[Guide]: How to play defense in FreeStyle 2. Wun's

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    i'll wait this steal guide =)


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      I'm alive haha, i passed pilot test in Vietnam and will go to Florida (near Miami, Aviator school in Fort Pierce or something i don't remember) soon this month and can play FS2 with you (if ping not so bad). Of course i can upload my guide and hopefully, some video guide clip for you.

      Damn, sorry about dying for 7 months from start. I'm very busy with my career and study. But i think it will be okey now.

      This game damn good, teamate and mind game is more better than Dota or LoL. I like that. But it need a lot of skills and strategy views. And i want good teamates too. If you have some guys or crew know how to play and respect each other, it's like you and them playing a song, very exciting.

      This game have no tutorial show you how to play. And beginner being dominated by pro. Lack of people can play with stress and losing. And i want guide to make this game better.

      ***I think so !


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        Thank you sir! Loving the defense guide by the way! Taught me a lot when I first started out :3

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      Defense and rebounding are the two things I do the worst. For some reason my bock out is always off, and I feel like I am judging the ball wrong, which prolly takes a bit of skill and practice of playing competitively and trying different things, which I don't have the repetitions yet. Thanks for the guide.