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[Guide]: How to play defense in FreeStyle 2. Wun's

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  • [Guide]: How to play defense in FreeStyle 2. Wun's

    First of all, something I want to tell you about me and about this game (Sorry about my very bad English). I’m MinhSang.Cao from Vietnam. You can call me Cao or my nick name:”Wun”. I played FreeStyle2 for ~ 14 months, I also play basketball in real life and NBA2k too. I really love this game, gameplay is so amazing, teamwork is more and more exciting . I’m studying to being a pilot now and don’t have time to play anymore, it’s bad. Sometimes I play on my laptop with 3G internet connection, and so lag, with this game, at high skill level game, you delay 0,3~0,5s or lagging (u can see when u throw, it’s slow motion), you lose 70% of the game. So I think I will write guides for FreeStyle2 gamekiss, with my knowledge about this game, all for my beloving game and for good community. I will go to american to train real flight next year so I hope I can play with all of you soon.

    Guide: How to play defense in FreeStyle 2.
    Why defend first ? Not how to attack ? Because good defend win the game. You can score many points but you defend bad, you lose more points and lose confident, lose focus. It always happen when you don’t know how to marking, how to steal or important:” How to rebound and blocking”. It’s suck right ?
    If you played few hours, you can have many question:”how to block that lay up, how to block that dunk, how to steal and lockdown a shooting player.”
    Now, we start.

    MARKING (Basic):the first thing you need to know when you want a good defense.

    *SKILL for easier Marking: (Updating)

    Marking is choosing your position again your guy. If you have good position you can lower %success shooting from your opponent, you can block, can rebound or event trying steal with PF , SF (I’m not recommend C because they are steal very slow and %success too low)

    You can see that clearly in tutorial. Most of the times, the CPU opponent always choose the best position with you.

    It’s a line direct from the attaker to the basket, stay in that line and you can stop them layup, dunk or going forward. (I wish I can make some video guide for you but I can’t do it yet, but promise I will make video guide for you soon)

    And when you stand at good position, you now need to keep the right distance, it will be a bit difficult, but you can master it easily if you understand it clearly.

    Don’t keep your distance too far or too close. Too far it means your opponent can shoot (not full %success but with SF or SG, it’s almost going in). And too close means you can be dribbled with cross-over very easy.

    Always keep in mind, stand at right position and at right distance, you can lock down an solo player easily (attacker can use screen, but I will talk about it later, of course when it happen, you need to know how to evade their screen in right way)

    *MARKING (Advance): (Updating)
    -How to use button W in defense (Updating)
    -Something should know when marking (Updating)

    BLOCKING (Basic):

    *SKILL for easier Blocking: (Updating)

    Good position make you easier to block. There’re too type of block:
    - Block a shot
    - Block dunk and lay-up (need very very good positioning skill to do this well)

    - With C/PF, it’s easy with right distance from marking. But with SF/SG/PG it need more close too block a thrown. Anyway, you don’t need to try blocking a shot, it’s so dangerous if your opponent do a pump fake (fake shot), and when you jump, it will make you like a donkey. Haha, just kidding.
    - A tip when defend a shot’s to jump after the shot as soon as possible, it will lower %success of that shot. (I recommend that at high skill game)

    - Now it’s hard here with newbie. Anyone can do a dunk or lay-up. Don’t blame your C/PF (basket defender) when they can’t block some lay-up or dunk.
    - I painting your position for block down here.


    + At this position you can block any lay-up. You just need to move a short distance to their opponent ‘s lay-up. I hope I can write something more clearly, but my bad English make me confuse to explain it right now xD hix hix


    The same position with block lay-up, without direction-block skill (I don’t know at your game what’s this skill calling?), you need to try Shift + D to the right position of a dunk-block.

    - With changing direction dunk from PF, It’s harder, you need more faster and try to thing where will he/she dunk. The same logic like block a lay-up, but you need to move closer.

    *BLOCK (Advance): (Updating)
    Block-pass (Updating)
    Block-keep ball (Updating)

    REBOUND (Basic):

    *SKILL for easier Rebounding: (Updating)

    - It depends on your experience, you need to guess the way the ball come and make a right position for that.
    * With box out skill (without +% box out skill), when same timing, the one inside is box-out stronger then the outside. Like that:

    - The faster timing box-out win the box-out. If you are in same position:

    A good C/PF with good defense’s 50% power of the team. Remind that when you choose to play.

    *REBOUND (Advance): (Updating)
    - Chip in (Updating)
    - Chip out (Updating)
    - Power-rebound (Updating)

    STEAL (Basic):

    *SKILL for easier Stealing: (Updating)

    When you marking, just need to move closer to your opponent and press S.
    When to steal ? Some situations make you easy to steal:
    - When they do a pumb fake (fake shot), the most easily to steal
    - When they caught drible by you
    - When they keep their hand-ball in the direction you stand.

    [Video] (Updating) (It's hard to make you understand clearly in Pictures)

    *STEAL (Advance):
    Pass-steal (Updating) (I don’t know what that skill say, I will update later when I can download the game)
    Dribling steal (Updating)

    ************************************************** ****

    So it’s all about basic defense, it will more harder when in high skill game, you need to change your marking opponent smoothly, depend on opponents team and your team’s strategy (.eg:Like if PF go to 3-point position and SF come to rebound, you-a PG should change opponent with your C to make a good defense. In common a PG can’t rebound with SF, so he can rebound and dunk over you, PG with bad block skill)

    *Some line I wrote (Updating) means I will update it as soon as possible, in my country Vietnam, I’m living in my school to study, and no network connection. I can only use 3G internet and it’s so expensive to download something. Sorry about that, when I can download it I can update full guide for you.

    * If i update slow, i'm really sorry about that. My facebook is caominhsang188. Inbox me if you want faster answer.

    *After this guide I will make guide “Advantage and Disadvantage in Position role (PG/SG/SF/PF/C)”

    *Anyway, feel free to make question, I will explain for you.

    ************************************************** ***********
    And the last, it's so bad, why i can't post more than 4 photos in 1 post ? Please, i want to complete my guide admin. It make me so sad.
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    Thanks nice guide.

    But as always you know me, life is too short to learn how to play defense. just spam S lol


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      You are my hero.

      I wanted to learn the correct way to defend and you sir have saved me the trouble to asking someone.

      Will read.


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        Awesome guide bro, thanks for taking your time to give us some of your knowledge about this game, good luck on your future endeavors.


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          Chủ topic này là người VN đúng không cho mình hỏi cách tạo cái toài khoản login game vs ^^


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            Yo great gude, bro. This is wonderful!!! 5 STAR!


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              cool thanks.


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                great , thanks for taking your time to give us some of your knowledge about this game,

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                  Very nice, especially with the upcoming OBT. The Pictures are nice


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                    Yo any tip how to play C with high ping ? i mean like 150+? i rly liked C on cbt but cant compete with usa, so u guys have any tips ?


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                      lol hiruko I competed with taiwan for about 2 good months

                      you should have no issue with america


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                        Nice Guide.


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                          This is really helpful Keep up the good work


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                            Great guide..but Wun are u alive?


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                              Thanks man, defense seems harder in this game than in FS1. I'm a level 16 SF, I can't compete with these niggas in Majors. How do I power level inside of the individual channel? I see a lot of AFKers in there.


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