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Check it out !!! Upcoming new skill in new balance patch

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    SF's ultimate fade away wtf is this...


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      Hey now,
      This is gonna be an interesting turn of events.

      I think the things to be on the lookout for is SW sidestep and PF DD.
      A PF DD is gonna be the most annoying introduction to the iso meta.
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        Now west can rebound be4 I even see it bounce off the rim.


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          Go Crazy Game!!!!!!


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            Update the fken hax shied and fix the bugs that've been around since 2014. Stabilize the server first before trying to come up with new weird shi_t


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              turnaround fade that looks just as identical as the one we have rn, except i'm guessing you can control the side more smoothly, but at the end of the day, that skill doesnt look like much variety to trick the opponent with an existing fadeaway or stronger than the current one to do anything differently. How is this a special training skill when it's the exact same SF skill we've had? shit is basically specializing in SF with some more watered down skills no one will use

              SW's are trash, sorry to say this; how many more offensive skills do these guys need to compete? you can dunk, double clutch, triple clutch, side step, 3pt, etc, and all (98%) of you are still ass, so lets just get rid of the SW position and spread the skills throughout the main scoring positions. niggas really came up with another sidestep equivalent to backroll 3

              SW's are so ass, they even give these guys the option to DIVE and PASS, so not only are these guys getting skills that allows them to not fall, they can even dive now.

              SWs are beyond ass, and it's not fair they basically have everything from a good boxout naturally (and def. skills), to every offensive skill + even fake layups, now these guys can even dive.

              conclusion: SW's are ass, and should not be a position, instead, they need to spread out these skills.

              making all these trash skills, what u need 2 be doing is getting a central server like u bozos did for a brief 3 weeks & we need an attribute expansion package for normal characters.
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                Originally posted by Calsonic View Post
                because pf iso with 200 long layup isnt annoying enough
                That's right it's time to let your fucking nuts hang out there it don't matter how annoying it is follow protocol scrubs and D UP!