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  • Get to know a balla

    Im finna start this just like back in FS1. A player will post a pic or two of themselves, tell theyre age and what they do talk about their hobbies and interest , reason why they play FS2 , Favorite Position , Favorite items. GMs should participate on this so we can get to know yall.

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    The name is Valioa aka Val/Vanilla , and I am a Floridian anime/pie lover.

    Age: 22

    Occupation: College Student /Housekeeper/Speedrunner/ Livestreamer ( by the way check it out, on a Twitch team and errthing son)

    Hobbies: Livestreaming, Playing "I Wanna be the Guy" Fangames (Super hard 2D Platformers), Speedrunning Video Games, Watching Anime, Investigating, Hosting dem Skype group calls, Eating pie, Reading, Gaming, Helping others, Making videos, editing, Creating games (specifically 2d-platform games), Problem solving, etc.

    Interest: I love Pie..., Speedrunning my favorite games, Mystery, Misaki Mei, Black Rock Shooter, Detective Conan, FreeStyle 2, Rumble Fighter, Cats, Puzzles, Martial Arts, Sherlock Holmes, Anime, Grills, Girls, Basketball, MMOs, Teamwork, Point Guard position, Mastering defense on FS2, etc..

    Reason for playing FS2: I used to play FS1/Rumble Fighter, then when I heard about FS2 Taiwan, I tried that game and loved it, despite me being laggy and delay there. When FS2 NA came out I was mad happy mang (especially that 40 ping I had in close beta, but now its 75-90ish). But yea, main reason I play FS2 is to get better at games like this, challenging myself by going against all the pros out der, learning everything I can, no matter what. I be watching Korean FS2 Gameplay every single day now son, seeing all dem Point Guards defend one another with aggressive defense.

    Favorite Position: Point Guard (PG)

    Favorite Items: Clara Buzzer Beater Coupon, Black&White Heels, Any skirt/shorts,Italian Set, Black Leather gloves, Black/White arm,wrist, elbow bands, Guitar, Any kind of very long hair, Pie items (make it happen please ;3)

    Thats all about me for now, if you want to know more, just ask :3
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    • Valioa
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      haha yea. Ive been playing RF for 7 years now (since like 8th grade Middle school), and had so many items. Now my stuff is gone T-T, besides a few items I could keep from transferring.

    • Eye See You
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      I've been playing RF for about 6-7years as well. My IGN on there was "GeeZus"

    • StephxCurry
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      One of my favorite PG's! Hope we get a chance to play together.

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    Alright cool. Ima post mine after work. Its good getting to know you fam Valioa. ^.^


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      Originally posted by Valioa View Post
      Misaki Mei
      You watched Another too? That's one of my favorites.


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        Name: Zydrunas Ilgauskas,
        Also known as "Big Z," "Z," or the numerous misspellings of my last name

        Age: 39

        Occupation: Retired professional basketball center of the National Basketball Association, currently a Special Advisor for the Cavaliers front office

        Hobbies: Basketball, Cooking, various philanthropic endeavors

        Interests: Going to the movies, reading books, watching TV, playing with LeBron James, dunking on short people

        Reason for playing FSII: It brings me back to my playing days! At my current age, I can no longer dunk at ease, so why not do it virtually?

        Favourite Position: Center, duh.

        Favourite Items: Lloyd SPC, and that's about it.


        • Valioa
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          Wow ;o, amazing

        • MEAT
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          ZYD! ZYD! ZYD!

        • pracel
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          OOhh!! Is this the Real Big Z?

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        NAME: Left-Eye, Blue-Eye, PunkEye, SickEye, BabyEye, NaughtyEye, WeakEye, & SnupeEye. (More Eye's to come!)

        OR just call me "EYE" for short like everyone else does.



        College Student, Studying in the medical field.
        Sickle Cell patient.


        Online gaming
        LiveStreamer for FS2 @
        Video Editor
        Skype & other group chats

        Interested In:

        Numerous of online MMO games
        The Future Diary - Yuno
        Helping others
        Learning new things
        Finishing college

        Reason for playing FS2:

        I play FS2 because it's a sport game, & I love basketball. Never played FS1 with gamekiss, but I have with Sierra. FS1 Sierra days was classic & sorry, but gamekiss couldn't run it like they did. But here's FS2, a whole new experience of gameplay and new stuff to learn. I like to share what I learn as i grow in the game which is why I make tutorial guides

        Favorite Position:

        Shooting Guard is my favorite postion 1st. But i enjoy being a guard player in general.

        Favorite Items:
        Anything that's swag. I constantly buy and change my outfits everytime i log-in.


        • Valioa
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          Pie see you~ ^.^

        • LilMarquz
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          /10 char

        • Eye See You
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          Pie Val ( ^.^)// & hey Marquz!

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        Name: Dre Valencia , aka LilMarqus
        What I do ? : Watching what you do,
        Hobbies : Sleeping
        Interests : Wife(ing) the baddest females
        Reason for playing FS2 : It was to play, but im not competitive,
        Favorite Position: SG
        IG Name : I quit the game, someone else has my account
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          Name: Bawb
          Character name: Loligirl
          Occupation: Student
          Hobbies: musturdbathing, watching anime and eating fudge.
          Interests: making Pooping while throwing up possible, getting milks to love me, getting val to love me, getting catchup to marry me
          Reason for playing fs2 : to become the best, at eating fudge while playing fs2
          Favourite position: x6PointGuard9x


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            I will have a pic soon, im pretty sure he meant rl, but everyone putting ig.

            I am Revan the PF, name changed to BabyLion
            (A lot of you know me for my paint defense and Reb Pass)
            My Real name is Brett or Bden
            I live both in Cali and Hawaii but spend most of my time on the Island as it is where i am from and my family resides, i am half Samoan and half ph, so dont fk with my anger management, its mostly why i block chat in almost my game when i know you are a troller hahaha

            Age Info
            I Played my first fs1 game a week before it closed
            I then played FS1 again with Gamekiss back in 8th grade
            I am now 20 and it is still my favorite game with FS2, i do miss Kal's though

            Hobbies & Interest
            Unlike most people who say they ball, i actually do, but i wont say im some crazy baller like most of you do, there was a time i could dunk, i could probably do it again if i trained up as i am still young, but it was the softest dunk you could see. I am very into Working out at the gym and my pr is is 335 bench. Lifting has been most of my life until recently that i got really sick, i have gotten my health back and i started lifting once again this week using my old video's as motivation. If anyone wants advice or video's of myself lifting back in the day to say i am not bullsht i would be glad to show you, lifting has been a big part of my life and i love helping others with getting fit. Of course im not much of a gamer, in fact i hate games, but when it comes to Warrock(old past love that no longer is in USA) and FS1/2 i can't resist.

            reason why they play FS2 ,
            I love everything about the physics of FS2 its realistic as much as a video game you want it to be without it being crazy! the only thing i miss are kals, i understand not high kals, and sometimes i get lucky with what i would say are mid/low kals in this game, but i miss the regular kals you could get in fs1! Good times, but everything else i love! i love that def takes skill and you cant just side block everything like in fs1!

            Favorite Position ,
            My favorite position for life will be a Center because i love that type of gameplay, but i will be playing PF until this game nerfs or makes Centers how they should be just like FS1.

            Glad to meet everyone! See you in Game
            btw because everyone ask my ping spikes between 50-75


            • Eye See You
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              What up Brett! We gotta do the realist Skype call again someday bruh. B)

            • Buddy
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              wasss gooooddd I been away from, fs2 lately but picking it back up slowly! funny seeing these new young cats who don't know who I am(I like people who fear me! Grrr =P), and im talking about the people who play the game, not the people who camp forums! so im'a start bringing back the Revan/Baby charm to the boards!

            • peternoleader
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              wow you seem like a cool person want to be friends?

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            BTw sorry for my bad english, my english is pretty good its just that when it comes to posting i just write first words that pop in my head and i am to lazy to edit my sentences


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              Yo what's good, most of y'all know me cause I've been here the longest.

              MikeCool aka Michael Kidd.

              Occupation: CEO of a Modeling Agency (That's why me and my girl in a open relationship lol)
              Hobbies/Interest: DJ/Produce/FS2/Electronic Music Shows (
              Favorite Position: SG for sure, nothing is more competitive than the SG position. It has a long history of the darkest trash talk in FS! I'm only playing big man in FS2 because I win so much with it.

              I play FS2 because (I'm addicted) and it's a tool to train my brains reflexes and intelligence. I've been playing since 2005 (I was 17) (When I used to live in Seoul Korea) then moved to US, played Sierra became best SG (2 rings 32 team) - Played GameKiss FS1, became best SG/SF for most of the early era (1 ring 32 team) - Now here in FS2 trying to add another ring to my collection as the ultimate test to see if my reflexes have sharpened over the years or deteriorated with age (I'm 27)



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                Originally posted by LilMarquz View Post
                Name: Dre Valencia, aka Demarqus >>
                What I do ? : Junior Producer, Sampler
                Hobbies : Music , Basketball, SAMP, (( )) some other games lol.
                Interests : Females, Jordans
                Reason for playing FS2 : I used to play Sierra FS1, I didn't play much of GK's FS1 , but i like this FS2 though
                Favorite Position: I like all of them, I will make an PF and C soon

                You play SA:MP? Hit me up lol


                • LilMarquz
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                  i told you like 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 times lol

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                NAME: KobeBryant, No Introduction is needed. Here To Win.


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                  Originally posted by MikeCool View Post
                  Yo what's good, most of y'all know me cause I've been here the longest.
                  Wrong! We have both been here about the same amount of time, but I'm pretty sure I edge you out.

                  Name: BuckTucker aka Sinth aka Persephone aka a bunch more

                  Age: 40

                  Occupation: Owner of a Kitchen/Bath Cabinet Installation Company

                  Location: Somewhere around the swamps of Florida

                  Hobbies: Video Games (Modded Minecraft, Hearthstone, Robocraft), Music (Most of it), Woodworking, Internet, Weed

                  Ping: Usually around 90

                  Reason for playing FS2: I find it fascinating how you kids can play with a keyboard. I have played with a gamepad since Sierra Alpha when the highest level was 15. I have been playing because it keeps my mind sharp. I don't know much about basketball but I understand the mechanics of these games. I am one of the originators of Fs1 Gwars. It was never supposed to be for G's only, it was meant for SF's too.

                  Favorite Position: PG. I dominated CBT on C when the servers were east. I started FS2 as Shaniqua(C) because in Fs1 I was known as the rebber on PG in Gwars. When the servers moved west I made BuckTucker (PF). I like playing a big but I feel I am best suited as PG with the ping issues.

                  Side Note: BuckTucker is in TeamBruh. We are only allowed one character in the crew so I made a crew for my alts. I named it Afrological. Yes, it's a joke. No, we aren't recruiting. It's just a crew I made for all my alts. If you see Afrological, it's me on an alt.

                  I should say alt more...
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                  • MikeCool
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                    Nice you were pretty beast on Shaniqua in CBT.

                  • Eye See You
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                    You allowed 2 characters in Bruh, Buck Since you a veteran of the crew.

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                  Name: iiRan/Rann. Info: unknow.