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Lloyd's [Guide for Center]

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  • Lloyd's [Guide for Center]


    Starting Center
    So you have decided to learn the Center role. But you do not know anything about it I'm going to try to explain my center style and help you create your own play style.

    ​PS: I play with 100 ms guys don't complain if you are east, i'm pretty sure i get highest ping for any North American player.

    Do you have money?
    DO you not have money?
    Level a normal character to 50 and use Buzzer Beater coupon

    Attribute Tree From Closed Beta

    Attribute Tree From Open Beta

    How to build your own style of center:

    Scoring Attributes:

    Depending on the style of Center you want to play you may add 3pt Shot or Middle Shot.

    Adding attributes to 3pt and Middle will allow the paint to be clear so your priority scorer can go into paint. These 2 stats are great for a center who likes to play with 2 bigs and if the team play-style is ISO.

    Defensive Attributes:

    This is where everything get complicated for center.

    Steal: I would not add any unless you like to face up the pass which is pretty simple to do and work wonderfully [picture will be added to demonstrate]. I have no steal attributes and I avg more steals than most centers. But sometimes deep in my heart I want to move my offensive tree point into steal.

    ​In this picture we have Lolo facing me up, what he is doing is stopping Valioa from passing. If Valioa does pass the ball to me Lolo will block the ball from getting to me and get a free steal and a wide open look for his ally. This is how you steal as a big

    Pass: On my new center I decided to add 4 point into pass to get an even 120, the reason I did this is because at 50 I had extra point to spare that I wanted to add to helping my team score.

    Tussle: As an east center this is you second best friend, helps your box out and as a east center box out is your best friend. When I play Center I play like Tryndamere push, push, push. Adding tussle will allow you to body the opponent and if they are constantly getting pushed they can't reb as well, it help on occasion when they start to wonder what they are doing with their life and why is this skinny guy so strong. This attribute depends on ping east center you need it.

    Block: Self explanatory add it all center should have at least 2 bars

    Rebound: I like to think every center should run 3 full bars if not more.

    Speed: 1 full bars in Speed because it allows me to chase down for a block (ik i dint get the blk milks sorry)

    Stamina: 1 full bars in stamina because it helps me play better defense to catch up to the defender after my ally has jump for a pump
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    Adding Stats:
    Magic grade clothes are free and cost point while rare grade clothes cost actual money.

    Magic Grade: +5
    Rare Grade: +10

    Top: I would only run 2 stats if any, I personally don't run any attributes.

    Middle Shot or Middle Shot: Just depends how you play center but most likely you will always go with 3 because with Middle Focus, Shot Touch and SP Middle you wont miss many shots.


    Tussle or Block:
    I have used both Pants and I lean heavily towards block pants, but this also depends highly on how you build. It really doesn't matter because you use clothes to build around what you want to play,say i don't want to waste 10 points on tussle so I can add it to another attribute ill buy tussle pants so I can save those 10 point ( Assuming you pay for plus 10 if not plus 5 works the same way).


    I can lie to you and tell you run will help you play better defense which it will but in reality just buy reb shoes.
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      They are all preference just depends.

      Turning shot cannot be back blocked, I run this for when i play Getgoin

      Defensive Center:

      Offensive Center:
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        Priority Spending:

        On a tight budget and want every penny to count
        Step one is skip able but I feel the free 40 attribute makes a huge difference

        1.Goyjo is cheapest at 1490

        2. You will need all 4 slots it makes game easier.

        3. Rare Clothes

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          Hello Big Spender:

          This is for the biggest advantage you can possibly get in this game

          Your main goal is to try to get SP1 or SP2.

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            5 Star guide. Thumb up. Nice job, easy to read and organize.


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              I would say new players :
              Do you have money?
              (BUY A SPC CHAR)
              Buy skill slots and cards.Buying spc C is wasting money when there is regular C. This position does not need to be spc if you KNOW basics of it.


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                Originally posted by Lukacho View Post
                I would say new players :
                Do you have money?
                (BUY A SPC CHAR)
                Buy skill slots and cards.Buying spc C is wasting money when there is regular C. This position does not need to be spc if you KNOW basics of it.
                But they don't know the basic of it, every position need the 40 lvl att points


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                  Defensive center :

                  with the next 2 free slots you can add SP screen and Pick & Move if you play with away scorer

                  p.s both WD block skills are not essential tho
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                    Block catch is the most important move on PF/C! Save the trouble from second chance scoring and dives. Especially battling with good ping players, block catch is VERY CRITICAL and seperates you from average/decent to good players.


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                      ( ' w ' ) // Tenouttaten!


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                        BERRY GOOD


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                          Awesome and insightful guide! I noticed your default attributes for Tussle, Block, Rebound are 220, 214, and 223. When I go create the same Center, the attributes are lowered to 186, 173, and 191. Are your attributes still high like the ones in your picture? or is this just an old picture and Game Kiss updated your attributes to the lower ones?


                          • Valioa
                            Valioa commented
                            Editing a comment
                            His upgraded stats may consist of clothing, as well as cards and training attributes. That is most likely the reason why his stats are so high.

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                          Junior, you my good sir, are a good donut.


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                            I love that block attribute. So beautiful