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Just started All-Star with DG, I need help improving

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  • Just started All-Star with DG, I need help improving

    Hey guys, I got back into the game, I haven't played it actively for about a year and created a DG a few weeks ago and already made it to All-Star on it. I thought I was ready and prepared for All-Star, after being able to get 10-15 win streaks easily on Rookie, but it was much more challenging than I was prepared for. I've been getting toxic teammates that would discourage me from wanting to play after being called names for messing up a single shot or trying to defend a sg using skills. There are also tons of new skills to get once you reach level 24, I need some help finding some of the most recommended or useful ones for DG, or the best play styles as I have just passed and only scored a single 3 point shot most of the games I played so far. Thanks in advance, I appreciate the responses.

    Edit: I also decided to add a screenshot of my character attributes, as I am not sure what is the perfect stats for this position, as I mostly just use PF/SF.

    Edit 2: also just found out there was a MASSIVE DG nerf, is it even worth using anymore?
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    DG got hit the least with the nerf, all scoring was nerfed in this last patch. Try not to pay too much attention to the toxic randoms on this game. It's a very small community and majority of them are pretty bad themselves and take out their frustrations on others. I recommend trying to find a group of people you mesh well with and playing with them. You very likely won't develop playing with randoms due to their lack of motivation to improve and instead blame their teammates or call anyone they can't beat a hacker.

    Finding a crew will definitely make a big difference. There are some crews that accept anyone and are willing to help others improve. I recommend joining this discord, there are a lot of people here including myself who are willing to help. There are still some toxic trolls but try not to pay too much attention to them.

    Just know that a lot of the very good players in this game have put in tons and tons of time and practice. It will take you a lot of time as well to reach a high level. It's important that you focus on improving rather than winning or losing. There are habits that work in rookie that won't work in All-Star. Players in All-Star are much more fundamentally strong and the fundamentals are not learned well in rookie due to the limitations of being low level and the lack of skills.
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