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Scoop shot and manual layup skill

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  • Scoop shot and manual layup skill

    I should choose only scoop shot or both. Reason, i saw scoop shot layup same manual layup when not set manual layup?, but dont know attribute manual layup have effect scoop shot?.

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    Scoop shot is more of a manual dunk for SWs, whereas you have to be close to block it.

    While with manual layup, you have to be at the rim to block it.

    So its best to have both skills equipped, as they can be used with jump pass skill to create mind games.

    NOTE: if you equip jump pass, don't forget to equip direct pass so you can jump pass alot better using Q/E. to jump pass well, tap D/R (do not hold D/R, it will not work) and press the designated pass key to the desired teammate.
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      ahhh Let you cant manual scoop without manual layup btw


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        When I play SW, I don’t equip manual layup.
        Its too easy to block for the big unless you play ISO

        I can still choose left or right scoop without equipping manual layup skill for sure.

        Average bigs still have a hard time blocking scoop especially combined with occasional VD dunks and VDD dunk to double clutches.


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          you can jump pass out of scoop shot actually and you can control the hand you do the scoop shot with just like manual layup and dunk, so its always a good thing to equip(tho i use floater more often because i just like that animation)