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I need help about creating my defensive SF

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  • I need help about creating my defensive SF

    Hello there, I`m going to create a defensive SF Jack, I want to ask you is it even good to try defensive SF, and if it`s, can you give me tips on skill, atributes and other things. Thank you a lot ! Good luck and have fun in this amazing game

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    ATT block, reb and tussle, speed is always needed,you build it like any other big man, but not lean as much in the defensive stat, you always have to make shots as a sf, so 3pt is needed too, you can ignore your midshot, since you wont have enough skill slots to be offensive

    CARDS it would be great if you could get your hands on a +chip out range card sub att, so your chip out range is better than c's or ct's and dont need to focus as much in rebound att. SP 3 or 5 is always welcome as a sf, any shooting att card is good.

    MUST GET: As for skills, get the usual bigman skills like box out, chip out, manual block( maybe even sp box out)
    get the usual behind the back and pull up jumper, drive and spin is good and sp 3pt too(all sf's should have these skills)

    OPTIONAL:intercept if you can intercept like a pro, kill pass if you really cant shoot