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Valioa's Guide to the DPS Playstyle! [WIP]

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  • Valioa's Guide to the DPS Playstyle! [WIP]

    Discord ID: Valioa Justice#4243


    Tired of being forced into a corner by those ball hog enthusiasts? Have you ever wanted to enjoy FS2 to the fullest with both you and your teammates participating in the offense? WELL look no further! DPS is here to save you from the depths of heck that we know as "iso". In this guide, I will provide everything you need that is essential to perform this offense, which includes:
    • The Overview (Synopsis, Recommended Positions, etc.)
    • The Skills Needed (Essential, Recommended, and Optional)
    • Recommended Attributes (Training Att., Card Sub Stats, etc.)
    • The Plays (With video demos in the future!)
    • Macro Shotcalls (Ex: "I got this!", "Screen!")


    The Overview

    In this play-style, the Playmaker is the Scorer (SF,SG,SW,DG). He/She will be the one calling out the plays via voice chat, or macro shot-calling. This is because during the possession the Scorer can shift the type of play at will. The Point Guard's role is to protect the ball during the dash play sequence while attempting to score and pass after a successful dash from the scorer. When dash is not called, the PG needs to stay at a passing distance away from the scorer, to ensure a chest/kill pass is done when they are wide open after a double team situation from the defense. The Big-man's role (PF/C/CT) is to utilize the screen ability during the Pillar and Dash sequences AND score when mismatches occur or an opening for a 2-pointer arises, yet keep a passing distance away from the scorer during the Swing play sequence. I will go into more details in the "Plays" section of the guide.

    NOTE: One more thing I wish to add; This playstyle's main attraction is its ability to shift through its 3 plays in one whole possession. For instance, Start with dash, then after the scorer has dashed the pg passes, the scorer can either, score off the dash, go into swing mode if the dash was not a success, or head on to Pillar mode or vice versa. Its amazing how all plays are connected like a thread of logic.

    The Skills Needed

    For PGs:
    • Essential skills - Quick Jumper, Manual Layup, Kill Pass, Baseball Pass, SP 3pt Shot, Direct Pass, Alley Oop
    • Recommended skills - SP Steal, Jump Pass, Manual Block, SP Drive, SP Running, SP Stamina
    • Optional skills - Intercept, SP Intercept, Overpass Intercept, Shoot Touch, Non-Stop Pass, Pass Fake, etc.
    For the Scorer:
    • Essential skills - Quick Jumper, Manual Layup, Direct Pass, Kill Pass, Away Screen Move Bonus, Sp 3pt Shot
    • Recommended skills - Double Clutch, Jump Pass, Fade Away, Drift Shot, V-Cut, Drive & Post Up, Behind the Back/Back Roll Turn Dribble
    • Optional skills - Drift Pass, Manual Block, SP Pass, SP Running, SP Stamina, Box Out, Non-Stop Pass, Quick Change, Various Drives, etc.
    For Big-Man:
    • Essential skills - Manual Layup, Manual Block, Kill Pass, Box Out, Pick and Move, Screen Body Check, Turning Shot
    • Recommended skills - Direct Pass, Dunk at Will(Manual), Power Block, SP Screen, Tip-in/Putback Reb Skill, Power Rebound / Power Tab Pass
    • Optional skills - Chip out, SP Pass, SP Middle Shot, Middle Shot Focus, Shoot touch, SP 3pt Shot, SP Box Out, Jump Pass, Hand to Hand pass, Block Pass, Box Out Swarm, etc.

    Recommended Attributes (Work in Progress)

    Macro Shotcalls (Scorer[SF,SG,DG,SW] calls these out)

    For Dash: Take this and I am going in. (F3)

    For Pillar: Screen! (F1)

    For Swing: I got this! / Pass! (F2 or S without the ball)

    The Plays


    For Dash Play, the PG starts with or is given the ball during possession. They attempt to score while anticipating a successful dash, causing misdirection and double team scenarios. The Big-Man screens around the corner of the free throw line(bottom right/left), screening when the Scorer is close by. As the Big-Man, try to get the defender away from the Scorer using the "body-block" technique(AKA anticipating the movements of the defender and screening accordingly). The Scorer's role in dash is to utilize the Big-Man's screens and the away screen move bonus skill. They need to do their best to disorientate or confuse the defender chasing them with evasive, yet cunning movements. Typically, if done right, another defender may give chase as well, aiding the "lost in the sauce" defender and double team. During this, the Scorer must decide on whether to pass for the open 2 in the paint, or anticipate the 2nd defender pretending to guard them to cover his teammate. If done right, the Scorer can just land a free 3 out of nowhere, at a risk of getting blocked of course.


    There are two versions of Pillar: Stationary, and Moving(AKA Pick and Roll).

    Stationary - The PG typically starts with the ball and uses baseball pass when the Scorer and Big-Man are in the correct position, which is between the Hoop and the bottom part of the Free Throw line. This type of screen is, well, "stationary" or standing still, waiting for a defender to get trapped in it. The Scorer's role here, is to yet again, confuse the defender, making them hit the screen. Once they get hit, the Scorer can either Pump or Shoot right away since a successful screen gives them a better shot. Bad news is, everyone has avoid screen now, so be wary of that when deciding to shoot. If the 2nd defender jumps for the screen shot boost pump fake, the scorer can spam direct pass until he gives the ball to his Big-Man, gaining a free 2 most of the time. In the scenario where both defenders are clogging/clamping up the Pillar Play, the Scorer and Big-Man must anticipate this, using Pick and Roll/Fade(Pick and Move to create space for a free 2) when this occurs. Like dash, the Scorer can predict a fake double team, and just fade away shot or drift away from the defense.

    Moving - Similar to stationary; however, the Big-Man will screen pretty much anywhere and utilize body-blocking a lot more to create a lot of pick and roll/fades. THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT.


    Swing is generally all about the Scorer outsmarting their defender with either pump fakes, facials, driving skills, floater / alley play as SG/DG, or Drift shot with SF/SG. Of course, as you are doing all of this, there will always be someone there to double team you. This is where the Scorer has to make crucial decisions...decisions that will make or break a Scorer. "Should I trick the 2nd defender with a facial shot?" "Should I pass to my Big-Man the moment I see the 2nd defender chase me?" Coulduh, shoulduh, woulduh. I can't necessarily teach you guys how to Swing since its IQ based, but in the future videos, you can spectate what decent or pro Swing Scorers do so you can have an idea of how it works. In addition to all of this, the PG is to either be at a passing distance to the Scorer, or completely away to avoid any kind of unnecessary pressure to the Scorer. The Big-Man will mainly reside within the paint, either pressing F for Floater/Alley Swing, or scoring a wide open 2. Now, there will be a time when a 3rd defender may arrive at the Big-Man's location to get a sneaky block. This is where the Big-Man needs to make a decision: Pass or Wait and then score. That's Swing in a nutshell.

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