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PG Stats for a Dash PG build?

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  • PG Stats for a Dash PG build?

    what should my build be as a dash pg

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    There are a variety of builds actually. But Build#1 is the most recommended. NOTE: I am only going to show training attribute stats because you probably don't have the same clothing / card stats as me. Also, These builds will assume you are level 50, and have SPC + 40 extra att. points.

    (Shrewd Type)Build #1[MAIN Build] -

    For this build, 3pt is necessary when you are open from all the passes happening in dash, speed is great for getting passes off when in a pinch, stamina is useful for uses of sprints, steal and block for defense, Pass stat, although some PGs will say is useless because of baseball pass (I only use baseball in a pinch... which is rare for me lol), is quite useful, as it increases the speed of the pass, less chance of intercepts, and range of passes. I personally put pass stat on every one of my PGs. Middle shot and long layup is only done in certain situations, such as after a dash has happened but has no openings for a pass and you are wide for a middle shot or long layup. NOTE: Your primary focus should be passing to the dasher... DO NOT layup and middle shot every single time you are wide... Only score IF you are leading in points or you absolutely don't have time left to dash and are wide for a mid or long layup.

    (Shrewd Type)Build #2 - Nothing too different from the first one except more middle shot and long layup...

    (Balance Type)Build #1 - More emphasis on pass stat here, since you are now balanced type and have more defensive / pass ability, but less speed/stamina/longlayup/3pt than before. better blocking capabilities, decent 3pt.

    (Balance Type)Build #2 - More emphasis on Middle shot, for those open middle shot attempts when there is no defense on you. Not a recommended build at all, just something to try out. Its always good to be creative!

    (Power Type) Build #1 - A build that no PGs go for cause shrewd is most recommended for Dash PG cause of speed and stamina, however, if you are power type, this build is nice. Great passing ability, making baseball pass easier to use, and the ability to pass from long ranges and speed of passes increases greatly. Only problem is, you are very slow, so most defenders will have no trouble being aggressive on you, so be careful with the ball as a Power PG! 3pt is not a good option unless you have SP5 Card Edition set or something, so I would choose middle shots over it. Blocking ability is really high.

    As for my current build that you can't really copy all that much cause I have different cards and clothing stats than you, here it is:

    I Am Balanced Type PG currently as well

    Skills IF you don't have VVIP or VIP, take off Alley Oop, Shoot touch, or SP Drive.

    Also, here is some example gameplay of Dash PGing:

    Really close game, and hella lucky lol....
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      dude dont stat pass unless you're a lynn

      long layup helps but it depends on what type of dash team you are.

      I would try and find a set team and see how your teammate's want to play, what their pings are and what cards they have.


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        Like Jike said, a lot of PGs play dash very differently and it mostly depends on your teammates. I'd recommend finding a scorer and a big to fix with, that's the fastest and easiest way to get better.

        But I always like a speedy PG. =)


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          Yo! Nice try.
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            Hello, i would like to ask if my deck is build is okay, i have the deck "i'm here" and i am shrewd. i would like for you guys to check if i should change anything. the deck is so far the best one i have on my pg for dash. i'm still new from dash given that i have been playing for 3 years. i quite understand and like the position of PG.
            Ps: i also use this for Corner most of the time.


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              Originally posted by yoyoalben0 View Post
              Hello, i would like to ask if my deck is build is okay, i have the deck "i'm here" and i am shrewd. i would like for you guys to check if i should change anything. the deck is so far the best one i have on my pg for dash. i'm still new from dash given that i have been playing for 3 years. i quite understand and like the position of PG.
              Ps: i also use this for Corner most of the time.
     this is how u should upload image on forum coz we cant see shit.


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                Originally posted by soldier king
                you should score on PG AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you are open.
                This is coming from me, you are wrong.


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                  Originally posted by soldier king
                  For build I'd say pick the style you want, definitely add pass and shooting ability, some speed is useful too.

                  This is why you never play dash and are an amateur dasher. The longer you hold the ball the more likely you are to get stolen, you should score on PG AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you are open.

                  Now like you said WIDE is key, if you're not wide, don't take the shot, you tell most new pgs score and they'll shoot 3s in face and say open, na has to be a no mark jumper with "no mark shot" after you release usually better to mid then 3 unless good cards, or it has to be no help blocker in the paint and an open layup, but if that's the case and you can get open score immediately, DON'T HESITATE.

                  If an SG/dasher yells at you for scoring and you didn't miss the shot he is an AMATEUR. Because true pro SG's have played PG for dash at some point and know it's not that easy to hold the ball and pass, they are willing to let go of one or 2 times they were open on their dash for 3 for the good of the team. In a tournament, consecutive buckets are all that matters and at a premium, by pg/c or pg, as long as you don't miss you will succeed. IF you're 100 pct on your shots you're doing well.

                  Here's another reason to score on PG, if you hold the ball and let a pg guard you 1 on 1, then the pf/big will double the sg, therefore best thing he can hope for on a pro iq team is a nonstop to a layup or maybe even just a mismatch and not even a free score, so basically it's a 2 either way and you if you can take things in your own hands and pass less and risk 0 int you should, especially if you can get a wide layup, even more if they have 2 bigs that can easily switch on sg dash without giving a mismatch, can a pg scoring be helpful (though you can also use pick and move by the big so passing can work too).

                  #2, the key to dash is that all 3 people are a scoring threat. If the big doesn't see you score at all, he will key in on the sg, but if you score a couple layups/shots and are 100 pct, he will shift his focus off the sg and therefore allow your teams to get 3s, or at least confuse the defense, and freeze defenders for nonstop no mark layups. Not only that but it helps your sg's ability to do dash moves: v cut/pickmove or even a simple inside dash (ie screen is on your down left, and you are on up right of it, when the defender is behind the screen/down left of the c who is down left of you) without being hindered by a 2nd defender (in my own dash's case ultra useful since Heart of A dash relies on all vs).

                  My point is not that a sole passer in dash is BAD, but that it just makes the game a lot harder for everyone. Analogy if a QB can't move out of the pocket, even if he can move his feet very well, and buy a lot of time eventually he is gonna get sacked if his receiver doesn't get open right away and pressure comes quick, but if he can run and score himself the defense has to play him totally differently.

                  Now getting back to your question sorry if I got too off topic but to add to the point about pass stat, which Valioa pointed out, it is VERY useful for the pg's who don't practice that much, because that's what enables you to use baseball pass at a higher rate of success (larger green bar). Basically the less pass stat you have, the MORE you need to practice baseball pass on your own. I know 90 pct of you pg's don't wanna sit and practice baseball pass for hours, so this is the short cut for you and increases your margin for error even if you do practice.

                  Why is baseball pass critical?
                  Because dash relies on TIMING. Your sg (if he is good dasher ) is open for 1 or 2 sec after he dashes, if the pass isn't delivered on time, his dash is wasted. If you pass with baseball at the exact right time and input, the pass will go to wherever the SG dashes. As long as you got the original location of the sg relative to the C before the dash, the pass will still go to him, whether he dashes up left right down or diagonal. If you're actually following what I'm saying and have a bit of experience you might say that's rather difficult to use r the input the sg is at and pass at exact moment all while being pressured, why go through that. 2 reasons which Val already aluded 2 but more elaborated.

                  1. Chest pass (quicker pass), has a limit based on distance, once you get too far you overhead pass. But get too close to your dasher and he will have no space to shoot because your defender will be able to guard both of you until his defender returns so your open dash is wasted, unless you can hit them with a screen. So you wanna be close enough to chest pass but far enough that you can shoot if your man leaves you and picks up your dasher. That's easier said then done, when you're under heavy pressure and some high iq PG's will force you purposely to go to the overhead pass range (Ie. your dasher is on the left, so your defender holds w on your left and force you to go right which is taking you away from the dasher and bringing you to an overhead). Now if you happen to get too far from the dash and in overhead pass range, then you can use baseball. Now if you're a really experienced dashing team, and have some kind of communication or even the f1-f4 plays, you can coordinate when you drive, and when they dash, then you can use baseball a lot less, but this takes a lot of practice and even with coordination you sometimes get bumped so having baseball in your backpocket is a great ace.

                  2. Avoiding int's and overhead passes of the defender holding w.
                  If someone goes too close to you they can make you overhead if you don't step away and pass which enables chest pass but might take you out of chest pass range. Baseball avoids all this but like I said takes a lot of skill. Also avoids people using a (tho if PG is doing on you, you should be able to shoot an open mid).

                  I know I said a lot, Dash is truly a thing of beauty when you realize all that goes into it and all the coordination and practice involved. Remember shoot open always, don't hesitate if you're 100 pct you're doing great, and if your dasher can't get open then don't start panicking, if you play long enough they will figure it out, or you can play sg yourself and teach him how to get open.

                  Hope you enjoyed this overload of info :P. Gl
                  Yes, he's not a dash pg, but he's so much better than you. SK, you are so fken horrible at this game. I am not talking smack, I am stating the facts.