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    (Sf) iso guide *wip*

    Decided to make a guide for iso because there aren't that many out there. (Try to find the skills and style that best suit your iso)

    Direct pass
    Behind the back
    Kill pass
    Quick jumper
    Manual layup
    Sp Drive
    Recommended skills-

    Sp3- I'm not telling you to go out and chuck up a bunch of 3s but having the ability to make 3s can change the tide of a game.

    Sp3 Focus- Now some people may feel this skill is a waste of space but I find this skill useful when playing against high-blocking bigs in crunch time (when you can get the separation to get the shot off).

    Pull-up jumper- This is a good skill to use when playing against good defense or if they thing you're going to drive in and go for a layup pull-up is sure to keep them on their toes.

    Drive & post up- This skill is great for dribble cancel or faking a drive into a kill pass to you're corner.

    Backwards Two Step- This is another great skill can get you a lot of separation if you can fake it correctly, you'll be able to score 3s and mids with this. (read you're defender to know when to use it)

    Turn around fade away- Combined with Drive & post up this will get you some easy 2s against good defenders. Even by its self if used correctly with enough space you'll still be scoring easy 2s.

    My Skills-

    Iso isn't the most exciting playstyle(if you're looking for on edge or exciting go learn T.B.P.G or Swing)

    Things that make iso not work:

    1)You're corner is out of place/keeps running around and drawing help defense towards you
    Solution: stop playing with randoms, or be clear with the people you're playing with what iso is and what they need to do

    2)you're playing with two power bigs
    Solution: you should never ever be playing iso with two power bigs, a schrewd corner big that can shoot 3s,rebound, and play defense is great but you should always have one other small.
    Recommended Team combs:
    SF,SF,SF- This comb is great against most teams because of the versatility and ability to make quick rotation changes on defense being able to guard bigs and smalls.

    SF,SF,PG- This comb shifts a little more towards steals on the defensive end having a PG also you want to have a good corner SF that can block and get rebounds and also make open 3s.

    SF,SG,SF- This comb shifts more towards offence and if you're running this chances are you're going to want to get as many open 3s out of you're SG as possible, if you're SG can intercept and get steals that helps a lot. (Long live Kobe)

    3) You're getting out-scored and out-rebounded
    Solution: I'm not the best isoer out there(yet) and everyone has a game where they're off or come across some really good defense, so the best advice I could give for this is just try to get the opposing team to take bad shots you're always going to want to contest and be pesky faceup, try to get a swipe or two in there for a steal and try not to be trailing by too much.

    **Ball handling**

    I learned how to handle the ball by watching Db on IsoLock
    The best way I can explain it is you never want to expose the ball you always want you're body to be in between you and you're defender, Db uses a mix of PG ball handling and drives to shake the defense and the whole time you want to be looking at how the defense reacts to how you move and attack based off that.
    Examples of Dbs Iso

    You want to be able to score inside and outside when you iso to keep the defense guessing and never become to predictable.
    **I'm going to go off my Stats and cards**(if someone else has something different please critic and add insight)



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      Originally posted by soldier kiing View Post
      Thanks for the guide iWindz. I'm a newb so this was helpful.
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