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Valioa's TBPG Playstyle Guide! [WIP]

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  • Valioa's TBPG Playstyle Guide! [WIP]

    Hi! Wanna learn a new playstyle? WELL I got just the playstyle for you!


    What is TBPG you ask? well it is an abbreviation, meaning "Team Before Personal Gain". This motto was founded by Blue-Eye/Left-Eye, the leader of Bruh Crew.

    This guide is gonna go through the essentials to this playstyle such as attributes, skills, and of course, plays. In addition to that, I will be creating video demonstrations for each play. I will be explaining each play both in the video and in this post.

    NOTE: For this playstyle, I highly recommend Voice communication (however I will show you a way to do this play without VC) and a PG SF SF Team Composition, because The PG and Both SFs can do the plays that will be in this guide. ALTHOUGH, you can be creative and do different positions like DG/SG as the PG, or One bigman instead of two SF. ALSO, don't forget to have fun!

    As to why this playstyle is called TBPG... That is simple. It creates a lot of situations that involve passing to an open teammate instead of scoring, giving it that "Team Before Personal Gain" feel.

    Here is an example of some gameplay:



    In this playstyle, the PG is the mastermind, He has the hardest role in this play, and that is to protect the ball and call out plays. the SFs have to memorize plays, execute them well, and of course, shoot wides and pass first if there is an opening to do so. The PG holds the ball 90% of the time in this playstyle.
    Now, before we go any further, you must know that This style has weaknesses. Team comps that consist of SF SF PG, PF PF PG, PG SF C, PG C C, are gonna wreck your S*%@ if you're not careful! But worry not! Me and my squad are currently finding ways to stop those teams with some counters.
    There are two core plays that shine the most in this playstyle, and they are Normal play, and Elevator. You will most likely be using those the majority of the time, with other plays as backup. As I said before, all plays (20 currently) will be explained and demonstrated in the near future, as this will be a work in progress on them videos.

    Skills[Video][Work in Progress][ListHere]:

    PG Skills: (if you have no VIP, take off Behind The Back and Shoot touch skills, they arent totally needed and yes quick jumper is NOT NEEDED for the PG)

    SFs Skills: (If you have VIP, i recommend adding Sp Dunk Success/Focus, 3pt Focus, or SP Pass, or replace nonstop with one of those)

    These are simply the recommended skills, feel free to experiment with other skills and create your own plays with them!


    For the PG, I recommend to get a high amount of Middle Shot (SP 3 Card Set, The Best Guard are ideal) like around 160+, because you will need to be able to make mid range shots for certain plays like Elevator. 3pt is good too, but not really needed as the PG, since your SFs will be getting open for 3s more than you. Speed is important simply because you need it to protect the ball a lot better, so around 200+ is sufficient. If you don't have that much, good luck with your ball handling against high steal PGs, that's all I can say. Pass stat is quite important, as in some situations, you would want to be able to pass faster, such as alley ooping, hook up passing, and just farther range on passes in general. I play balanced Type PG because of this, so I can havve 190 pass stat. 185+ is recommended, but any lower is nothing to sulk about. 180+ Stamina FTW, Get a little block and steal cause defense, Long layup is needed, but not a high amount. I usually run TBPG with like 170 Long Layup or so. I must mention that this playstyle makes your PG more offensive rather than defensive, so don't put too much on block steal and tussle.

    As for the SFs, increase your 3pt to a high amount, as your 3pt will be important when your wide. 170+ 3pt in my opinion is best. If you don't have that much, id suggest shooting more mids instead. Again, Speed is important, as you will need to be fast on your feet to get open. NOW, Stamina is your baby... You will be using alot of stamina in this playstyle, screening, dashing, shift presses YOU NAME IT. You will need a good amount of Stamina, which is why I do recommend Balanced Type SF cause you need decent pass too, but Shrewd is fine too. I don't really play SF to know what good stamina is for them, but just get like +5 - +10 range. Get some block for defense, rebound is slightly needed if you wanna be the rebounder for your team, since box out is a skill we use. Mid shot can stay decent if you don't feel like spending too much on middle shot. You don't need Long layup my friend.... YOU NEED LONG DUNK stat, YES I said it.... LONG DUNK. Now you can add the long dunk success / focus skills, or add Long dunk stat, because there will be plays, specifically alley oop plays that will involve u dunking. Pass stat is important as well in SOME CASES, which is passing from a farther range. Again this is a pretty offensive playstyle, but the SFs should definitely invest more in their defense att. as well to compensate for the PGs lack of defense att..


    Yes, there are indeed 20+ plays (and still growing!) in TBPG currently, some troll, some pro. I will be going over each and every one of them, explaining how to execute them, the abbreviations for them when in game without VC, and a video to show how they are executed in the near future, so stay tuned! LET US BEGIN!

    Regular/Normal Play [nm/rg]

    The most used play in TBPG. you start on possession typically, SFs advancing to their neutral positions (outside the post/paint area, opposite sides from each other and extremely close to it, but enough to be able to screen/pick and move and alley with F key or button.). The PG's job here is to try to get inside the paint from the center to layup, pass, jump pass, hook up pass, alley oop, etc.. The moment the PG gets past their defender, the SFs should pick and move away from the paint or run away if the opponent anticipates your screens (or use your screen to screen your defender, making them useless against your PGs layup score). If there is a situation where the PG's defender is camping the paint, (usually non stealers or non Centers) this is where Elevator comes in, or Paint Dash. As for alley ooping, only do that if there is a small on one of your SFs. And of course, if your SFs are wide, pass to them as the PG, if the defender on the SF falls for the SFs pump, pass back to the SF, and IF the other SF is open, the SF with the ball should pass to him. A very TBPG play.


    Elevator [ele]

    This is a play that is used when regular play is thwarted with the PG defender camping the paint. In that situation, call the play if using VC, if not, just call it ahead of time before the possession with text. The PG should run away from the paint, and at the same time, the SFs should either vcut towards you, simply run, or pick and move their way to you and cover you with double screens for an easy middle shot or 3pt if you love being risky. Also note, the SFs should be facing their bodies downward towards the center 3pt line to get a better screen width. Pro tip: If someone touches one of your SFs screens, your shot rate goes up!


    Quick Change[qc]

    Starts at possession, The PG tells one of the SFs to Quick change or qc, or have them both get ready for it to make it easier on yourself if you are using no voice communication. The PG then does drive and kick out pass, or a simple pass if they want to honestly, while the SFs can either pick and move at the perfect timing after the drive portion of the drive n kick out, or v cut to quick change, or simply walking.


    Quick Screen[qs]

    A simple, yet elegant play, in which the SFs just pretend to Pick and move towards the inside of the court, screening in place for the whole duration. The PG then advances to the paint in a very quick manner, avoiding the defense of course. The PG can decide on either passing to the open SF if being double teamed by his defender, or score with an iso like offense.


    Dash Play[dash]

    Its a common playstyle, however it is done differently. We go into a regular/normal position, the PG calls "Dash", and one of the SFs either runs, v cuts, or pick and moves to the other SFs side in any area they please, and dashes off the SF's screen. This can be combined with a double dash too. The SF who screened can go to the PG after the other SF gets the pass, and screen dash anywhere they please as well.


    Paint Dash[pd]

    This is not your normal dash.... oh no... this is paint dashing! now this works really well IF the defenders are camping the paint for a layup block. The PG passes to the SF that he didn't tell to dash, then the dashing SF and PG quickly set up for a dash play in the paint area while the SF with the ball passes with direct pass to the Dashing SF.


    Flying Dash[fd]

    YEA boi, flying dash makes its return in this playstyle, being a pretty nice play against centers for some odd reason. but anyway, The team goes into a normal/regular play position, then the SF who you have told to flying dash/fd goes straight to the other SF, and sets up for a dash play in the paint, WHILE spamming the F key. The PG then tries to get his defender off of him to pull a layup, jump pass, alley oop, floater, or hook up pass. If the PG does any kind of layup, The Dashing SF should immediately dash out anywhere away from the Paint and away from their defender as well to set up for a possible jump pass too depending on the PGs actions. Typically though, hook up pass is used to create a super long dunking alley oop.


    Early Pick & Move / Elevators[epnm , eele]

    Its basically doing regular / normal or Elevators earlier than usual, happening in the outer free throw line area instead.



    YES WE ISO.... BUT WE DON'T do it often.... its boring if you do it too much! simply the PG 1v1's his defender and scores in any way possible or passes it to an open man. NOW the cool thing about Iso is that, you can mix it with other plays anytime you want, you could call "reg to iso" or something.

    DEMO VIDEO: SIKE we all know what isolation is.


    A very crafty play me and Chance_Morris from Twitch developed, where one of the SFs the PG commands heads to the middle of the free throw line, while the other SF screens for the PG to get the PG open. After the PG hopefully gets somewhat open, this usually sets up a possible double teaming situation against the PG. This is where the SF that screened for the PG dashes to the opposite direction of where the PG is using the free throw SF's long awaited screen for a dash play out of nowhere! this creates a good amount of misdirection, because if they follow the dash SF, the SF who screened will be open too if done correctly.



    SWITCHING SWITCHING WHO LIKES SWITCHING, well this play right here is good against those pesky PGs on you from time to time. The PG drive and kick outs to one of the SFs after the timer of the possession phase is over to dodge the PGs stealing, then the SF passes back to the PG and goes to the middle with vcut or just simply running. IF done right, the SF should be open for a mid, or the PG should be clear for a possible layup attempt.


    Full Switcheroo[fsw]

    Same as switcheroo HOWEVER, this time we involve the 2nd SF. The PG starts it up with a drive and kick out to one of the SFs, the SF with the ball passes to the PG soon after and runs to the middle with v cut or something, and while this occurs, the other SF should be in the middle as well, but in a different area from the first SF. This is when the SF with the ball passed from the PG passes it himself to the 2nd SF, then the 2nd SF passes to the PG who hopefully goes to the middle by this time. That is when the 2nd SF then heads to the direction opposite of the First SF to complete the switcheroo. CONFUSING RIGHT? We rarely use this play LUL.



    Very similar to normal/regular play; however, this time after passing to the SF that pick and moved, the SF immediately passes the ball back to the PG with of course an open pass lane, then the PG passes if the 2nd SF is open, or layups if he/she is open. Mostly, you will be passing non stop till someone gets open, thats the whole deal with the name "Pendulum".



    One of our newer plays, where the squad pulls out a fake Elevator play, and instead, one of the SF dashes out from the other SFs screen, while the PG jump passes to said SF dashing.


    Musical Chairs / Red Light, Green Light [mc, rl,gl]

    Now, we all know that this play is a troll play... like cmon, musical chairs? LUL. but its a pretty good play tho. The SFs go to the middle of the paint, moving around anywhere they want to as long as its in the middle section of the paint. the PG then tells them to go (VC wise), then the SFs do their best to split up! its actually pretty funny to see your SFs get confused sometimes during this play.



    The PG goes into a dash play position, going to the opposite side of the SFs. One SF Dashes, while the other Pick and moves away at the same time hopefully. Not that good of a play, but always fun to execute for funsies.



    This is a WEIRD play... well its basically a fake dash play to another dash play. One SF does a really short dash, then screens for the SF for an away screen dash by him.



    Pretty simple play really, both SFs v cut, and you pass to one of them right before the possession timer goes away, that way you won't give the opponents a free intercept. The SF then goes for a layup or a pump, or quick change.


    NEW! Quick Juke[qj]

    A brand new play about 2 days ago actually. The squad does regular/normal play, however this time the SF you pass to after pick and moving or running out, turns and moves back towards the rim, then quick changes backwards after receiving the pass. COOLEO.

    NEW! Double Dash [dd]

    Similar to dash play, however, this time its at the beginning of the possession. The PG holds the ball as if the team is doing regular dash play, one of the SFs dash off the other SF, the PG passes to said dash SF, then the Dash SF holds the ball, waiting for the PG to screen the other SF. This can be done in another way as well. The SF can hold the ball at the start, and the PG can be the screener for both SFs. The PG screens for one SF, the SF dashes off, then gets the ball from the ball handler SF, then the Dash SF becomes the handler, while the previous ball handling SF screen dashes off the PG for a different variation of double dash.

    NEW! Marathon Runner [mr]

    At the start of the possession OR during the regular/normal positioning, the PG passes to the SF desired, then the SF with the ball jump passes to the PG, then runs to the other SF that is hopefully in regular/normal play position, and away screen dashes to the 3pt line or wherever is open.



    NEW! Cinderella Escape [cesc]

    PG says "Cinderella" in VC and has the SFs follow his/her every move, eventually calling "[IGN] Escape!" making that certain SF dash off of the other SF.

    Alright guys, thank you very much for taking your time to read this guide. I Will be updating this guide every now and then when a new play comes from me and my teams head, and I will be adding videos and information on plays. STAY TUNED.
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    cool playbook, can't wait to see in tourney


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      Thanks Val. This is awesome. Mad respect for ya. You one of the very few mods that actually does stuff to support FS2.
      Keep up the good work bro!


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        Originally posted by Disowned View Post
        Thanks Val. This is awesome. Mad respect for ya. You one of the very few mods that actually does stuff to support FS2.
        Keep up the good work bro!
        keep up the good work and keep streaming.


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          ah was maraton runner and i say dash america x.x


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