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A Newbie's Guide to Playing Corner

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  • A Newbie's Guide to Playing Corner

    Some of us newbies have no idea what to do. 99% chance they will never read this, but for that 1% chance.

    A Newbie's guide to corner.

    Playing corner is probably the easiest way for a new player to understand what a playstyle is and it is available for wide array of positions. can't shoot 3pt? no problem, long 2 is fine. can't long 2 or 3pt? no problem, just stand outside the 3pt line and look threatening, one of them wide open 3 will go in. either way, brick homes are cozy.

    1. Distance

    A corner player needs to maintain a distance to the scorer to receive a good pass. If scorer likes to attack from the wing, one corner stands at the corner, another corner moves near top of the key; maintaining a distance for scorer to pass. The key is being close enough to receive a pass, far enough so your defender won't get in the scorer's way.

    By default I like to stand on the wing (where the 3pt line turns curved to straight, where the wing meets corner) but depending on how your opponent guards you also determines where you need to stand. If your defender becomes too aggressive on help defending, you run towards the sideline/corner creating space. scorer will spot you and pass the ball for catch and shoot or it'll help create room for iso'er to do his thing.

    Be ready to run away from your defender when your scorer attacks the basket or your defender becomes too aggressive on helping. When the scorer attacks the basket, move to the side line or top of the key. scorer may drive to the basket and short layup if no help defense is coming or kick out to open 3 if the defense helps.

    2. Positioning, When these positions are guarding you as corner:

    Centers: Do not stand at the wing, stand at the corner. standing at the wing makes it easy for C to guard you and backblock the scorer.

    PF: Stand at the wing. pf can help-defend easier if you stand at the corner. if pf tries to help the middle too much, you move towards corner/wing allowing a easy shot or create space. they will not be able to protect paint if you stand at the wing.

    PG/SG: They swipe, get the hell away from the scorer. bait swipe for the open 3. how to bait swipe? corner stands at a distance where the pg/sg feels like he can sneak in to swipe. while the pg/sg inches close to scorer, you sneak closer to corner. scorer will see the pg, bait him for a swipe and pass to you for easy basket.

    SF and general idea: where you stand also depends on your scorer. for example, if your scorer is pf, stay at the wing so your defender can't block dunks. if your scorer likes to shoot , go to corner so they have more room to operate creating chances for themselves. the general idea of isolation playstyle is to allow the scorer to do his thing with as much as space available through the corner players' ability to spread the floor. and while spreading the floor, your job is to create chances for yourself by reacting to your defender, such as when you see your defender leave you to help defense, you run to open area for a easy basket.

    3. Passing

    Add non-stop pass, it'll be useful most of the time. Beware of non-stop pass or just passing in general when pg is guarding the scorer. once the scorer passes the ball, pg will get between the ball and scorer to intercept. you must move to the scorer or let the scorer come to you to pass back the ball without getting intercepted.

    Passing back is important to the scorer. They dont pass to you so you can shoot, they pass to you so they can set up for post up quick change, quick change, jab step, pump fake, quick jumper, etc.

    Be ready to receive a pass: If the scorer pump fakes, move to get open and receive pass. do not stand behind your defender.

    4. Scoring

    Sometimes, your scorer will face a god blocker.

    You can take advantage of miss match if there is one. for example: scorer pulls the pf from paint by threatening a 3 pointer. when paint is empty, your next biggest guy pf or sf, rushes to paint to score. the defense can rotate but you will find an opening.

    the simple idea is to pull their main big outside so that one of your other player can attack the less defended paint via bigs dunking on smalls, alley-oop, vd layaup, etc.

    have one or two scoring skills just in case like pull up, two step, fake pass layup, alley oop, etc.

    pump fake only if the defender is far enough to contest but not in front of you. pump fake all you want against pf or c, if they manage to steal, be happy for them.

    watch out for the fake help defense; some defenders will move towards basket when the scorer attacks, then run back to defend you anticipating a kickout pass. be patient with your shooting.

    if all else fails, there is the short layup.

    5. Corner's real job.

    Defense. Get good at defense and you can play with anyone.
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    Excellent guide. A lot of people don't actually realize there are small yet significant things a corner must do to help the scorer succeed, especially in regards to positioning.

    I think adding a section for alley-oops would be great as well since alley has become an integral part of guard iso and even the primary option.


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        sticky worthy


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          y'all niggas kill me by calling positions 'corner' real niggas don't wanna watch yo ass spam the ceremonies and then lay the ball up


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              You forgot the most important thing- +36 3pt success.