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Art of A (dribble) tip: doing the quick dribble at will

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  • Art of A (dribble) tip: doing the quick dribble at will

    Example: start here

    Narrow AA ends here

    Wide Standard dribble ends here

    There are 2 dribbles, standard wide dribble (which is connected to all the drive cut, or drive fake moves as well)
    and quick dribble which is more narrow + MORE RISKY, but much faster, great for driving to basket/hoop area quick.

    There are 2 ways to execute this dribble:
    Hold left or right and press AA in a row (2x in a row you press A) (you should be able to hold left the whole time as you press a, until dribble completes)
    Hold left or right and press a really lightly (experienced players can do this, but I never do it, the real point of pressing a 2x is to make you press A lightly and quickly one time, if you ever wanna learn Swing character, then this is what you do to prevent doing a side step which is also A A, side note swings do this quick dribble automatically after a backstep).

    You can also use this with a backdribble and backroll3 side step and end in a slightly smaller distance travelled and change the angle of the block.

    If you ever wonder how people go from the dash and get a quick 2 and always seem to break you, this is how, if you wonder how people get to hoop so quickly and you can't seem to react or squeeze through a double team faceup, this is how.

    Some defenses are basically just to move around since it's so narrow it can get you into big trouble if u run into someone, you can get bumped just from running and hitting a w can knock you on the ground.

    Test it out by going into the middle of the 3 line and see wide dribble, and compare it to a a quickly and see how the spot and speed of dribble is different.

    If you have any questions or want me to show you in game, whisper Soldier_King or SaveTheWorld or HeartInCenter.

    A combo I use with this is use drive cut (fake dribble) one time, get the pf/c stunned and then do the quick dribble for the layup or break mid(not connected, you can't use drive cut with quick dribble), plus a couple others.

    Shout out to Aussies for teaching me, and now I teach you guys. Good luck in the future, hope some cool art of A players develop and you make your own cool combos .
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    Thanks for sharing, gonna include this to you-know-where :3


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      stickied, and +1 : )


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        you don't have to press A twice that just inadvertently works.

        To do a short quick drive you TAP A
        and to do a wide slower drive you HOLD A


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          ↑ I did say that if you read the 2nd one, but you make it much simpler

          Thanks Val

          no problem Nd, glad to help you guys, this is hard to figure out for any player, I only learned because someone showed me or I would never know how it worked.


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            I added some pictures for you guys who like visual learning .


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              I got your back
              Feel free to correct wording and stuffs.
              Dribbling or driving is an action of maneuvering the ball in different directions to avoid or...


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                How to deff it 😂😂😂😂


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                  SAY BROTHER BLOOD WHYS YOU WEARIN AN ALL BLUE BAPE ? soldier king


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                    ↑↑ keep moving back and forth it's narrow dribble so easier to faceup or just run into


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                      Cool. I saw some video on youtube he is good at dribbling. Can you make some video of your play


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                        Q..Q I am a SW that play in rookie XD but i do love AAAAAAAAAAAAAA . hard to learn combo but I really enjoy it !


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                          with swing u gotta learn how to do it without aa so you can do side step and normal dribble tho hard.
                          hold left and tap a lightly :P


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                            Nice guide bro. keep it up