Greetings Ballers,

Do you have a bug to report?
Problems with your account, billings issues or wish to report suspicious activity?
Please remember that the GM team is always willing to help you solve your issues via the ticketing support service.

Why do you have to file a ticket instead of post the problem on the forums?

1.) Most of time, we require private information that should not be shared with the public (UserID, Card info, etc.) in order to fix the problem.
(Your forum account and game account is different so you will be asked to file a ticket on the forums anyway.)

2.) Reporting Hack program users: We would like to thank you for reporting us hackers, but posting it on the forum causes a flame war.
If you do post on the forums we will close the thread and ask you to send us ticket with the replay file of the match (if you played against the suspicious player)
Your report will be forwarded to Dev team and we will check his game logs and collect all the data of his other activities.

3.) Most of forum users are eager to help you with your problem!
However a random poster can be providing you with misleading or dangerous information, such as sharing files or unofficial patches and modifications.

4.) The forums are a public discussion board where players communicate with one another and not a support center.
The forums are a public message board for players to communicate with each other and we would like the forums to be about player discussions

So please remember to file a ticket if you require assistance from instead of posting issues on the forums.
The support page can be found by clicking on this link:
Also you can contact us via e-mail :

- Team FreeStyle 2