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  • Forum Guidelines

    Greetings Ballers,

    The GM’s of FreeStyle 2 have been observing our forums since the start and have noticed that it is not a clean ball court.

    Everyone knows it’s never fun to play in a dirty ball court; our forums are filled with hate speech, plastered with foul language, and other unacceptable posts.
    While we do agree that everyone has the right to “Freedom of Speech” our words still have consequences, and there must be rules against “harmful speech”.

    The FS2 GMs will enforce stricter rules and do even closer monitoring of our forums.

    Please observe the following guidelines:
    If you receive more than 3 infraction pt by not following the rules, your account will be suspended for 7days, 30days, or permanently.

    1. Be Respectful.
    · No insulting other people in the forum
    · No racism, sexism or discriminatory comments.
    · No trolling. No posts with the purpose of drawing insults or flaming from other users.
    · Do not bypass the word filter

    2. Do not discuss illegal activities.
    This includes links and discussion of illegal torrents, downloads, pirated software, music, etc.

    3. No advertising.
    Please refrain from advertising products or services not related to FreeStyle or any other games from

    4. Do not post accusations of cheating or hacking.
    If you encountered suspicious players for using illegal 3rd party program, you can flag them through the Report button located in the left side of your game screen and the report will be sent directly to us.

    The rules above are for issues they apply in, for more serious cases the GMs’ judgment and discretion will apply with accordance to the terms of use.

    If you have any issues which you feel that it needs to be addressed immediately, please contact a Game Master via the support page by clicking on this link:

    We hope that these guidelines are observed so that we can have a clean forum, a clean court where everyone play and hang around in.

    Feel free to make your own style
    -Team FreeStyle 2
    Last edited by [GM] Swift; 05-01-2016, 05:17 PM.