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    Foolish operation.
    I have always been plagued by the ideas of the ineffective management team.
    From the next to the next, it's just an extra thing.

    It is deleted because it is officially announced.
    I have been on the fifth anniversary with Toy since FS2 for the first time.
    toy is cute. My lovely family. It is terrible to erase it.
    I have raised it carefully.
    I always watched me.

    I want you to raise your voice if you do not want to delete.

    I have something to appeal but I do not understand English.
    I use a Google interpreter.

    I would like many voices to reach you.
    That's all I can do.
    I hope that I can stay with Toy in the future

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    I'm 30 years old man living of welfare money, I consider my character as my girlfriend, my toy is the only friend I have had in my life please don't take them away.


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      What. The. Fuck?