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Spring 2019 Tourney Problems **PLEASE REVIEW**

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  • Spring 2019 Tourney Problems **PLEASE REVIEW**

    I think everyone always gets excited when the tourney comes around. I think the majority of the players come to expect that in order to have a shot, you must participate in crew league, whoever we all come to find out that any crew under level 6 cannot even participate is a bit unfair. Especially those who contribute not just in attendance but also financially. I can speak for myself and the crew that we just achieved level 2 and a lot of us are old school vets who want to play, including myself.
    First come, first serve.
    Only Crews with Crew Level 6 - 10 can participate
    the tournament.
    I am strongly suggestion and with the support of the community and people who are affected to rethink how you are selecting crews for the tourney.

    There are many reasons why this is a terrible way of going, but I want to point out a few reasons...

    For one, there are at least 3 teams that never show up, who are either troll accounts or they just forfeit before due to whatever reasons they have. That automatically makes this uncompetitive and unfair for other teams that do want to be there.

    Second, there are many players who double dip in the tourney who play for separate crews and that makes it very unfair for new players who want to play.

    Third, what happened to crew league? Why change something that has shown to work? Sure it's not perfect but at least it a fair system to let players based on activity and goal oriented work towards it.

    Although you might believe that this gave is thriving as it once did, unfortunately, due to hackers and such, this games community is pretty much fucked.
    Regardless, I know a lot of the guys in the crew would be very disappointed if this remains the same and I am 100% positive that other crews trying to make a name feel the same.

    So I am asking the GM's to reconsider a better way to pick for tourney teams and community support way teams are chosen.

    Thank you!

    Bring back crew league and let it do its work and chose the teams based on that
    Open tourney for everyone
    Leave it the way it is
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    if they gonna make it lvl 6 - 10 crews then whats the point of them having crew league .-.


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      I made my crew (Baby Steps) about 2-3 months ago and it's still a small crew compared to other well-known ones, but it is slowly growing for sure just like many other crews like Shaq is saying. We have many players who are dedicated and passionate about FS2 and this led us to be a friendly but a competitive crew. I, myself, have been wanting to participate in tournament for a while, but I never had a chance, a team, or an encouragement to actually sign up for the tournament. However, this time, with my crew mates/friends I felt confident and motivated enough to sign us up for the tournament and compete with the best. We were stressed about how to build teams teams and strategies, but at the same time, were excited to show us what we are made of and to challenge ourselves. I am DEVASTATED to see that only crews that are level 6 and above can participate. As I said, my crew is very new and it is extremely hard to level up the crew (only given limited amount of growth per day/week)

      I understand where the GMs were going with this idea. It is frustrating and stressful to have a troll team messing up the tournament system and you can't stop them from doing it. I understand that by limiting the participating crews to be above level 6 will increase the chance of preventing troll teams to sign up since the crew will be "legit" and not a troll crew. Also, I am not sure how the crew league thing worked for choosing tournament teams but I know there were many complaints of how pro players purposely make new crews to go against "easy opponents" in the lower level of crew league and maybe the GMs were trying to solve this problem. However, this enforces a concept that I think it is super unfair for many players/crews.

      For players like myself, who is just a regular player, wanting to get better at the game, being in a tournament is the perfect place to challenge yourself and improve. However, the fact that I won't even get a CHANCE to be in a tournament just because the crew level is not above 6 is very heartbreaking. Also, high level crews only accept high level/well-known players. Many players experience getting kicked from a room just because the room leader doesn't recognize who you are or you dress really bad (not even kidding lol). But to join a high level crew??? Yes, some might be the "Join Now" crews but the application ones are almost impossible to get into... I remember getting rejected so many times by the high level crews but to be honest, if you are a famous and high level crew, you only want the best players in your crew and I understand that. But this environment, plus the rule of Crew level 6+ only, means only the best players will be allowed to compete. Yes, having best players go against each other is always exciting to watch, but what's the point? We know they are very good players. Wouldn't tournaments with new players/crews having at least a chance of upsetting the best players/crew be more exciting than watching the same players/crew play again and again?

      Personally, I always disliked how the top players stay at the top and other players stay at the bottom. I felt like it was very discouraging to continue playing and get better, but this time I met people who I enjoy playing with, gave me confidence, and gave me a chance to improve and I want to show them my appreciation by participating in this tourney. Again, I am not sure how the crew league system worked for choosing tournament teams but I feel like it's too late for that to work...? So I voted for "Open tourney for everyone", but I completely agree with Shaq that the crew level 6+ only is unfair for the new crews who are trying to make a name.

      I also hope that the GMs reconsider a better way to pick tourney teams.

      Thank you,



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        Bring back Shaq's ex-wife that left with his cousin, Jose.


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          + 1


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            I vote open tournament for everyone, hard to get level 6 especially when our crew is bugged


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              let all teams play a lot of players practiced to only find out they weren't high enough level , it will also make the tourney more exciting


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                  Should keep the crew lvl requirement down to 1 :V


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                    I think its about time you gave MODS the power to host tournament games for the first round or two and allow all crews in. We know just how long it takes you guys to start up one match, so please save us the trouble this 2019 year and give power to the MODS. Get more games done, finish faster, more crews in, better competition.

                    @GMTRIFECTA @GMWINTER @GMLUCY
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                      Can we get a GM to respond to us, please???


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                        There are two decent threads about this topic and I'm sure a lot of people have sent tickets as well. GM's need to speak on this asap with the application deadline coming soon. If you take this long to respond you need to move back the application deadline and tournament dates please.


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                          Bump for more response


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                            I think the crew level requirement should be lowered to 3.


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