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  • GKASH form Rixty

    HI sir,

    Added GKASH form Rixty ($100) at 22/8/2018 but I didn't receive any gkash in my Account. And they refund to me.
    I asked Rixty. They said that there is a problem with your system, but Joycity don't fix it. I can't make any deals at Rixty. can you fix it? I have waited for 3 week and there is no progress.

    Now, I have already purchased a Rixty credit card as early as 22/8/2018, I can't pay another extra money for purchasing GKash. Now my rixty account already has $100 USD. Please help me to follow it. Thanks.

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    Hello mocall,

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Kindly send a ticket to and please provide the following account information for further assistance.

    Payment Provider:
    Invoice number:
    Screenshot of the entire transaction receipt from your email.
    *Note: Screenshot should not be edited nor cropped.

    Thank you.


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      HI Sir

      An email has been sent to the relevant department, but there is no response or progress.


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        got the same exact issue, been waiting for 3 weeks now and still isn't resolved, i even gave them an ss from rixty saying its a technical problem on jce side but they just gave me this copy-paste reply.


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          Welcome to the club.. These sloths ain't doing shit, they don't care about your silly problems, look at this date when I've sent the ticket, still no fix and no response


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            I traded $50 by alipay again today, but I have not received it yet. A total of $150 have not yet received it.


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              I am asking the system whether to complete the repair, but they answered me that your account has been repaid. answer beside the point?
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                Until now, the problem has not been resolved.
                I am waiting from 22/8 to the now.


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                  Forget about it, they will never fix their shit


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                    If I don't have a payment, I can ignore it, but now my RIXTY account has a total of $100. Because of FREEESTYLE2, I store the value in RIXTY, so I can't ignore it.

                    And I still have $50 to pay through Alipay and have not received GHASH yet.


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                      So far, I have not received any GKASH and RIXTY have not been repaired yet.