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  • Hackers are everywhere

    Yeah this game is hacker galore but today I just met the most obvious one. This guy playing C his ping is like 220ms but he gets ALL the reb against players with better ping than him it's like fucking absurd. Like 20ms ping PF/C can't grab a single reb from him. I played against him 3 times today and reported him but oh well I guess GK will do NOTHING right? This guy is a pretty obvious one but I suspect like a good chunk of players I'm up against are hackers. GK when are you going to do ANYTHING about this BS?

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    did he have one of those sparkly suits? I think i met him yesterday too


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      What's the C's name?


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        I'm not gonna post it here cuz of "name and shame" policy. But it was pretty obvious, the guy was a NPC who didnt even have cloth. He probably stats hacked as well, his block range and reb range were nuts.

        What is worse is I suspect so many other players are just hacking regularly but just not so blatantly. Stuff that looks like achievable(like absurd range block/reb) by godly cards but in fact they just use speed hack or stat hack instead of p2w to achieve it. But none has been so obvious that 220ms ping can win every reb that is like just fucking impossible.
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          Hello CheeseBall,

          We appreciate that you're reporting a player who is hacking the game or using an illegal third-party program to boost his attributes and cards. Could you please send a support ticket here at together with the name of the accused player and the replay file so we can review it. Thank you!


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            I've already reported him in game.