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Defending Against DDoS

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  • Defending Against DDoS

    Why not server infra team use AWS WAF and AWS Shield?

    I haven’t been in the position to have to use these myself but there are supposed to be effective against DDoS on AWS services that FS2 is apparently running on.

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    this is what happens when you treat your playerbase like shit for years ... if they want to kill the game i say let them


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      I dont wanna let them kill the game,i just love this game soo much,but i just dont have any means to help.I think devs did what they taught would be best for game,and my fs2 with all its flaws and faults is easily my favourite game,only game i play atm.I just wanted to support people to defend this game,bcs noone have the right to kill what soo much of us love.AND MESSAGE FOR GMS AND DEVS IF THEY SEE THIS:KILL THOSE BIT**ES WHO DID THIS WITH FIRE,I BELEIVE IN YOU ♥_♥.DONT LET THEM RUIN BEST GAME OF ALL TIME,TY.#SUPPORTFS2


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        Too bad they are not being transparent to us players, improper update to the game, there's not even a notice about the Jack Box, Honor, and highlighted name from random update to version 623, players gotta have to search about all of that updates on KR FS2 website instead to understand what does that stuff do
        Some GMs only answer players with their copy paste text without any clue what the problem is
        I lose faith on them already, good luck defending the DDos, I don't mind it get more DDos from now on, at least it wake you up and could at least make ya notice more the flaws on the game.
        Fix the darn game before u put more update that possibly break the game even further


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          DDOS is just an excuse to hide how shitty their shit server is. Asia server is in Singapore, like WTF does that country even have enough electricity to run it? There used to be an Asia2 server in Japan, the most stable and lag-free server of them all but the retard operation team shut it down, so we Asian players are left with the current shit server that goes out of service EVERY FUCKING DAY.