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A suggestion For Compenstation for server Down yesterday

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  • A suggestion For Compenstation for server Down yesterday

    Please gamekiss give us the freestyles that were in the love letter event i was going to get the jungle on my pf and yesterday servers went down and it put me a day short so now i cant get it anymore i ask that u extend it or give it to all players or maybe put it in the next event again thank u

    PS; I know some of u veterans already have this im fairly new and i was playing 10games everyday so i could get it. Thanks Gamekiss

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    This kind of suggestion were made by many uses sadly this retarded management team will NEVER give you event items for compensation, even when it's clearly their fault that the game is unplayable for like a whole day.


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      Dude i played an hour before it went down id iot they dont need to compensate sh it!!!!


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        but on a serious note they need to give us 50 premium sub changers so everyone can get an OP stat, and pray they get better than me... only to realize that will never happen... ever.


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          Also you are lucky it was down because you would of took a bunch of L's against me.