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Jacks E-box?o.O

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  • Jacks E-box?o.O

    Can anyone explain to me how that thing works,because i havent seen any sort of clarification from gamekiss.It says something about mileage,i saw it has 3 types of boxes ss,s and a box,with ss being the best of 3.How to get ss box?Can i choose from items in box or is it random(im pretty sure,knowing gamekiss for so many years,its random xD).Any help about this would be nice,because apparently the GM didnt answer my email ;(.

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    random thats all i know


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      Greetings Ballers,

      You could increase your points by using item / card ball. Each balls gives 2 Mileage Points in the Jack's E-box. When you reach 100, the Receive button will be activated. If you press it, you will receive a Mileage A Box and it will go back again to 0/100. If you wish to receive Mileage S box you could continue from 0/300 and the S box will be available if you reached 300/300. The same goes with SS Box but the Mileage points will be 600. The rewards on the box gives random items based on the list of prices. We hope this clarifies your concerns.