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  • Looking for Crew Asia server

    I am a player returning after a nearly 3 years absence.
    I mostly play post positions
    I have LVL 50 C, SF and my PF is now 53 because they went and raised the level cap for some reason. All the other positions are in the 30s, except SG because I don't like playing SG and DG which I currently do not have but I will make if I drop an SPC coupon for it, then never play most likely.
    Anyway my main is my PF CatLiu.
    I Reb the shit.
    I block the shit.
    you score 'cause if I want to score I play SF or SW.

    That said I used to be a pretty good player, and after 4 days the rust is going away.
    As far as I understand there is a ranking system now and it seems based on win% and I ain't getting in there by only playing with randoms and pretty much 99% of my friend list is inactive.

    I literally played this game since FS1 early days. And yes I am confident in my skills.
    So to make myself look good here's a screenshot of the statline I recently posted playing with some randos.
    Hit me up in game on CatLiu or possibly CatDrives or CatHoop
    ​​​​​The other option is to send me a PM here on the forums.
    Know that I will want a trial so that you can decide if I am good enough and I can decide if you're good enough.​​

    k, damn that's one small picture O_o
    here's an upload you can actually see
    Quad 7
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