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    Sup, ppl!

    My name is anuris! You can find me in-game by the same name or, if not, PegComAnuris, as I plan to change t my username soon (reason specified below)

    I am a pretty new player to all this FS2 stuff, but I represent a far larger gaming community called Pegasus Command. Pegasus command is a big and friendly community already present in other games, like Battlestar Galactica Online, Star Trek Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dreadnought and World of Warcraft. We have our own website,, TS3 server and Discord server.

    Recently, I had the idea of expanding the Command's reach towards the world of sports games, an idea which has been approved by the officers and ruling council, by making the necessary bureaucracy to be able to start a FreeStyle2: Street Basketball subgroup, which will be officialized by the ruling council when we reach 10 members not counting myself.

    So, my crew is Pegasus Command's extension into the world of sports games, where everyone is welcome to join and help expand the crew, learn and become better at the game as a group, and overall improve together, so does the crew's motto say : "Play together, learn together, grow together."

    So, as said, anyone is welcome to join!

    In order to join, you first have to apply at the Command's webpage (near the top left corner of the homepage of the website), then join our discord server (option to do so is near the bottom right corner of the homepage of the website) and search for me, I go by the name PrimusEX.

    Once we have talked about it, and before I invite you to the crew, there is a si ne qua non condition for Pegasus Command memebers in all games, and that is that their usernames must be preceded by the acronym PegCom (Pegasus Command, you get it, don't ya?), ex. my future username, PegComAnuris. Once you have changed your username, notify me and I will invite you to the crew.
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