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    Name: Criminal

    Leader: Decent (age 21)

    Assistant Leader: Matt (age 23)

    Co-Leader: Clope (age 13)

    Manager: Tsuki (age 20)

    Goals an achievements: Our goals is to turn Criminal into a multi-gaming crew so far we've reached out to multiple different games such as "Rumble Fighter" which dates back to 2007 Our home guild Original. Smite dating back to Closed beta with our clan "Gods". Trove dating back to Alpha testing with our club "Original". An many other games. We're a crew based on mostly fun an games. We'll dick around but with a strict policy with maturity. For the most part we keep it PG an just have some corny knee slapper jokes. Or start a random roasting session. The crew was formed By Decent as all the other guilds/clans/crews were. We've spread our arms out to 5-6 games with a whopping 90 players+. Currently 32 active in the Discord channel we own. Our achievements consist of reaching into smites pro league a few times. Entering a tournament on Freestyle street basketball 2. Being top ranked players on "Trove". Being the top Guild on Rumble fighter since 2007(Back then only ventrillo guilds existed so it was more of a group but we still exist today on "redfox").

    Requirements: The requirements we have for this Crew is simply open minded players. An people that realize this is the internet in-game chat means nothing, But if you act the same way as you do in "Text-chats" on voice-chat an it's a bad way of acting you're not welcome. Most of the players in Criminal are trolls or just people who really enjoy the true aspect of the game an that's competitive saltyness an enjoying it with others with a huge emphasis on team based plays. We're not level restricted i'd prefer everyone being atleast a high enough level that they're in pro channel. We have trainers for each position there not "Top tier" but there people who well actually take time to train you properly to find your own play-style. We're not here to train you in our playstyle. Last but not least we require you to be atleast 18 or older. If you're under-aged you have to interview with one of the leaders or the manager, No one likes immature people or people who can't take a joke. If we sense that you're not mature enough to handle a joke then you'll be kicked. I myself don't want to have to father someone online. Just because they think "Cyber-bullying" exists.

    Rules: Play serious. Don't bash your own team. Know when to joke an when to play seriously i know this is the internet an it's hard for you to understand that but you're going to have to. No racism no one finds it funny rather it makes it kinda awkward as alot of our players are Hispanic or black. If you're gonna come at someone be prepared to take the full arsenal that they're gonna come at you with. Last rule is just have fun

    Age-Range: So i've noticed this is a commonly asked question, What is the Age-range of the players in Criminal. The current estimate age range is 16-28. We currently do not have any players above the age of 28. We do have around 3 who're 25-28. The rest are under age 28. With maybe 3 or 4 who're below 18.

    (The content in this post well be up-dated whenever i feel for it to be up-dated. Up-dates may just be to make sure it's up to date with our current standards that the crew have made.)

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    aren't you the same person that was supporting h@cker velocity?


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      Originally posted by letsallcheat View Post
      aren't you the same person that was supporting h@cker velocity?
      Sure was fam. Always well be fam. Under-dogs winning a tournament hacks or not is awesome an entertaining to me. If you have a problem talk to a GM I'll take full responsibility the odds of me getting banned for anything ever is very slim fam. I respect the GM's an there decisions i don't break rules an i help promote the game the best i can. I've gotten more players to come back to fs2 from fs1 then you've had in your whole career. The only thing you rep is my face fam. So carry on mate, Really don't gotta waste much time with you, Your post well be flagged.


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        How many members you guys got?