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  • DASH PG, need help

    Hey guys need your help to build my DASH PG. Voila guide is too difficult to understand and it's very random.
    1. what is dash pg and what it does
    2. what attributes to increase
    3. what cards need
    4. what toy need
    5. what skills need.

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    My guide is not about teaching playstyles and holding someone's hands, its about handing out crucial information that all PGs should have knowledge of.

    Also... There was already a topic about this dash pg stuff.

    Dont read what I said on there, I am completely wrong, read the actual dash PGs comment in that forum topic.


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      dash is dead


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        1. Dash PG's main job is to draw opponent's bigs from double teaming your SG out while dashing, so SG can make a clear route to make wide 3s. So what you gotta do is you attack inside paint so that their bigman will help his teammate who def you and that makes your SG and bigs only vs one person. If that simple dash works, all you gotta do is to pass the SG for open 3s or any score 2 point is okay as well. Then if their bigs stay on def helping the dash, means you only vs one person and you can try to make score as well; either layup, dunk or even 3s depends on you. Dash play is dynamic so that there will be a lot more to explain, what explained above is a simple dash theory imo. Dash is the most fun play style in FS2 cus at least three of you in the team needs to move and sync.

        2. Attribute that needs to be added is run, steal, either 3 point or layup depends on cards you have, then pass attribute round 180/ 190 to widen your pass range, steal attribute and stamina attribute also important as well as block attribute Below is rough picture of good dash pg's build imo, minimum:

        > run 220 or above
        > steal 170 or above
        > 3p 180 or above
        > long layup 180
        > pass 180 or above
        > stamina 185 or above
        > block 100 or above

        Note: stat build always depends on cards you have. Also PG has long layup att buff now so you don't gotta need to worry about layup range (yes, far layup is needed in some ways in dash play). We now have SP stamina so that also can be a consideration in adding stamina attribute.

        3. Cards with run attribute, 3p attribute, steal attribute. My suggestion is SP5 deck and SP4 deck. Or even with mixed cards you can still play dash pg as long as you can manage your pg build to be at least like what I mentioned in point number two.

        4. Move speed toy, run att toy or 3p success toy. Last option maybe layup range toy.

        5. Dash PGs' skillsets can be difference from one to another but mainly you gotta put:

        > SP dive catch
        > SP steal
        > SP 3p
        > SP intercept (optional)
        > SP drive (optional)
        > SP stamina (optional)
        > direct pass
        > kill pass
        > baseball pass
        > intercept I
        > overpass intercept (optional)
        > quick jumper
        > manuel layup
        > jump pass
        > pass fake skill (optional)
        > drive pass (optional)
        > manuel block (optional)

        Hope it helps and sorry for my english it is not my main language. If you have something to ask about dash pg you can pm me I would be glad to help. I am not an expert but I have been dashing since day 1 and although dash is not meta of this game (ISO is meta of this game because it is easier to play and less risky), I still keep dashing because it is the most play style that requires a lot of thinking and efforts. One more thing, dash is not dead. It is only harder to play than any other play style hehe. Cheers!

        Note: this is roughly written without edits so I'm sorry but I hope you get what I am trying to share here.


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          Thank you guys!


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            dash is dead


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              Originally posted by Jike View Post
              dash is dead
              you're so pessimistic ;c