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players new to FS2? Let’s work on passes

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  • players new to FS2? Let’s work on passes

    Greetings my fellow freestylers!

    I started playing FS2 last month. The game is an improvement compared to FS1 (less bugs, better UI, people from other cultures to play with, etc.). I played FS1 in 2008 and grinded my SF to level 45 and a secondary character PG to level 40. FS1 bid farewell around 2 years after since the servers closed. I tried all positions to get a feel of FS2 and ultimately decided to choose the position I had in FS1 which is SF (currently level 18).

    To our good Gentlemen/Ladies repeatedly asking for passes all throughout the game, here is something to think about.

    I could not agree more about the article I read here that a pass with no purpose is a waste of time and possession. THAT IS VERY TRUE. Please try to get open and FOCUS on where your teammates/defenders are on the court.

    The reason I am saying this is I observed players who blame and curse each other out of frustration of losing when we could have done better to win the game. (yes I'll take blames for losing since I am their teammate)

    *** Me and two random players (C/PF and SG/PG). Big or/and Guard asks for the ball immediately after the countdown if I have possession of the ball. I pass to see what they will do. If I pass to Big, Big will pass to Guard. If I pass to Guard, Guard will shake defender with fancy dribble when I already sprinted for an open dunk/layup or waiting to shoot a wide open 2 or 3. It appears I am invisible since my teammates do not pass the ball. Same offensive strategy on succeeding possession. Guard is blocked or miss shots due to tight defense, Big calls guard noob. Big can't rebound missed shots by Guard, Guard calls Big noob. I pass to wide open Big, Big will pass to Guard. I pass to wide open Guard, Guard fakes the shot/fancy dribble out of reflex which defeated the purpose of the pass since the defender was given the chance to get close and defend the two/three. ***

    Please know why you are asking for the ball our good Gentlemen/Ladies.

    - Do not ask for a pass when not in a comfortable position to score
    - Do not ask for a pass while behind the opposing player
    - Do not concentrate ONLY on how you move with the ball looking to score after receiving a pass, consider an open teammate

    I am not saying good passing will win games (I am an idiot if I did). What helps win games are

    - good passing
    - AND intelligent shot selection
    - AND tight defense
    - AND chemistry

    That’s a lot but for now, players new to FS2? Let’s work on passes.

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    even tighter defense once ur in star chan


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      lol gotta love the "ur a hog"
      sir just press 'S' to win, if ur scorer says, let him iso, u'll see the ball if he feels as though ur wide hence why y corner slaving isnt a bad thing
      but noobs will never understand the true skill of iso now will they
      this is my actual face when they call me a hog but they cant score without messing up


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        teamwork makes the dream work


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          I'm KOBE, I don't want to pass.


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            Originally posted by KobeBlaise View Post
            I'm KOBE, I don't want to pass.
            ​​​​​​*High pitch voice*
            "Pass it!"


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              I Never ask for passes,I Just sit there like a cabbage waiting for a pass


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                choose one


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                  I’ll choose skill Sir. A player can ISO all day and get all the points but in all honesty, ISO if overused definitely makes the offense sluggish. Moreover, it takes one good defender to lock the best scorer in a team down to stop ISO or a player who knows when to help in defense.

                  What I want to see Sir is a player proficient in ISO at the same time have decent court vision. If someone becomes one-dimensional when I believe that this game is dynamic then, that player loses opportunities for pick and roll, teammates doing off the ball cuts, and teammates ready to drain wide open shots. ISO for me is just a play style whereas skill is the expertise of that player to contribute in winning the game.