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Percentage of Card Ball and List of Sub Attributes

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    Originally posted by soldier king View Post
    sir, you might not have the perfect cards, and the opponent might have spent a lot of money and gotten the cards you wanted, but in the end, the person who wins, is the person who puts the most time in the game.

    sir, you might not have the perfect life, and opponent have a billion dollars and have everything you wanted, but in the end, the person who wins, is the person who puts the most time into their goals.

    in other words: get back up soldier.

    in other words, 2 weeks to enter the tournament, find a way and try again because you never know what might happen.
    2 days ago I got SP1 on my PF, changed the game drastically for me.
    Also just to brag all card got ok sub attributes and it all came from balls I got out of achievement rewards.
    Reading this post made me realize how lucky I got


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      I feel like the percentages are recent as i have 4 sets of sp2 on diff characters and numerous other sp sets
      Seems like it got much harder a while ago once they put incmore card varistions

      Spent like 200 dollars before for 6 sp sets . Now spent 300 and got nothing not even enuff for toy edition set


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        Originally posted by Zydrunas View Post
        I'd like to point out that the chances for getting at least one sub attribute that you want is actually double considering that there are two sub attribute slots per cards. That would put you at about 4.1%, 5.5% and 2.4% for a offense, defense and talent card respectively. Now, assuming the probability to pull a legend card is 5% (very modest assumption) that puts you at 0.21%, 0.28% and 0.12% chance respectively. (probability of card type chance in union with sub attribute chance). That means if you spend $56 and buy 100 card balls, it's a statistical likelihood that you won't even get ONE relevant legendary card.

        Let's be a little more positive here and expect a rare/toy/legend card, which puts you at 50% chance, once again a VERY modest assumption. That expectation puts you at 2.1%, 2.8% and 1.2%... That means out of a hundred card balls you'll only get 5-6 usable cards and even then there's no guarantee it's actually even a competitive card. You're looking at the likes of a +5 short layup card with hook up pass fail and maybe manual block range (which isn't god awful), but you'll have pulled multiple cards like this which just leads to redundancy.

        If you're wondering about the likelihood to pull an SP set, just know the probability of that is likely to be around 0.1%. That would mean you'd have to pull around a thousand card balls ($560) to have an amazing chance of getting an SP deck. Of course this doesn't mean it costs $560 to get a deck, because of course you can pull individual legend cards from the card ball. Realistically it'll take a a few hundred to complete a set. If you want a specific card set and subattributes you're looking at your rent money for the next couple months...

        TL;DR, if you wanted an SP set, you chose the worst absolute time to do so... The update that added a shit ton of cards into the cars ball pool SIGNIFICANTLY reduced your chances of ever getting an SP set. Last year you could spend $100 and maybe get an SP set or two... GK's waving their finger like Mutombo and destroying your hopes and dreams of an SP set all the while yelling "GET THAT SHIT OUTTA HERE!!!"

        Thank you very much for the amazing calculations. This is very helpful to me, but to all who are willing to spend money on the card ball. It also suits very well in my case, spending about 100 - 150 card balls without getting any competitive cards at all

        We did use to pull out card sets pretty easily without pouring heavy loads of gkash. But JCE has crossed a forbidden line, tweaking into that card ball pool after the update

        And that sub attribute changer event ... Was just GK showing their stupidity all over the place. Extremely overpriced regardless of the probability. They should have at least known that the probability is extremely low to get the right sub attribute you want. And not to mention that it was a guerrilla event, which makes GK even more idiots. There will be no way to catch those people with such a perfect card set, without spending thousands on it

        This game will go nowhere without changing the whole card system. The game already has somewhat quality of real life lottery with probability chopped off in half
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          find your love for the game again guys , you can do it and have fun and enjoy growing.


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            i already did all the probabilities in my head


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              cool guide reading again and
              lol khip


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                wow, thx Zydrunas and Hanachan for the calculations. that is y never take games too seriously and waste a crazy amount of cash.


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                  Playing with P2W cards and without, it's like riding racing bike, and an ordinary bike. (no joke, it's super unfair).

                  Good luck for new player... With those chances, 100 card and getting 1SP deck is ultra hard.

                  Card system is broken, and you know what makes it much worse,
                  The fact you cannot transfer the card in the first place makes me ultra mad.

                  Okay, SP5 on C, or SP1 on SG?
                  Nah.... you can't transfer the whole deck...Really?

                  Plus they limit 2 skill point per level up, which makes card attribute even more OP.


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                    is that all ?