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East Coast Severs?

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  • East Coast Severs?

    So, I took a very long break from this game and came back about a month ago and noticed I couldnt rebound not even once with my C.
    I then noticed that my ping has dramatically increased from 40ms to 90-120ms.

    I read and read, and realized that there are A LOT less players than before and this game has become a P2W game 0.o??!?
    If this is correct, may I ask why in the heck there hasn't been a server or some sort of Tower implemented on increasing the ping on the east coast?

    It's gotten to the point where if your not a C or PF or CT from California or from the West Coast, your instantly KICKED.
    Thats no way to have fun now is it?

    Yes I will say I do have every position in this game but C was by far my favorite, and now I have to stick to an SG....
    Anyone else feel the same way as I do? Or are there gunna be some trolling punks that are going to place their input on just what I have said and just decrease the meaning of what I am trying to say.

    Please let me know of your feedback and I hope that in the year 2018 they can possibly fulfill this task that would greatly increase the amount of players in this game... along with their income

    I am speaking for all EC players that want to actually enjoy this game as well.


    Lets see how the poll turns out to be by the End of February.
    (Should they keep it the way it is or BUILD MORE SERVERS?)

    You decide!
    Leave it the way it is
    Build More Servers

    The poll is expired.

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    (Just heard a rumor... is it true GK is thinking about placing a Server within Central?)


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      They been said it through out the years... people got tired of asking and saying it won’t happen. So... on live stream they said it would have first quarter of 2018 which is tech Jan-March
      I wouldn’t say it’s happening till I see it