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    Originally posted by JimmyButler View Post
    Yall know shook have had their guys banned in the past? But lol its funny to watch shook continue to fight like they don't got hackers. Its just sad cus dis nigga zoinked aka klamp would call me trash after barely win by 2pts after I drop 30(i was avg 22.4pts wen I was active) but bare in mind he gotta hack cus that 200blk wont do the job against my pg without that little "boost"
    We blew u out every game in CL to a point we started shooting half courts. I had 6+ blocks a game on you. And all you do every time you get killed is cry about hacks with no proof. People accuse me of hacks but i can't grab any rebs because I'm so east. If I was hacking I would be able to grab rebs. People who play me a lot would know this.


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      U talk alot for a hacker dawg instead of taking Ls on forum go on Fs2 and get some Ws with ur hacks kid


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        yeah 7rent hacks also real hackers trash talk a lot and don't give a fuck about the game zoinked got clapp tf out and he had to go switch to sf corner fucking pedo