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Daily quest bug

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  • Daily quest bug

    It says I have to play with a DG... I am a DG, I've played with myself multiple times today, physically, and virtually... please give me GKASH for troubles thanks.

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    Btw hope u can see the screenshot might need to magnify a couple thousand %


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      still playing with myself


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        :ENTRY 1:
        I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever be able to stop playing with myself. My hand has friction burns all over it, I think its to many hand motions and to fast.
        I will go longer and faster tomorrow to see if it will finally explode and give me the credits I deserve.

        -Until next time. - Gvn


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          Greetings gvnnvg,

          We would like to ask again for your screenshot because it's pixilated when we tried to zoom in. Rest assure that we will conduct a several test if there is a bug regarding the daily quests. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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            :ENTRY 2:
            I couldn't sleep very well last night my hand was aching all night... if only I some numbing cream. Im beginning to make more progress on the tool itself, by tool I mean the receive button in which I cant click. I have noticed slight swelling around the head of the mouse, I think its going to burst soon.

            -Anyways have some things to do, cya next time. - Gvn


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              Um. .


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                Hello gvnnvg,

                For us to properly assist you regarding your concern, we advise you to provide a clear image so we can check it. Thank you.